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Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting: Liability of Venue Owners for Negligent Security

December 12, 2017

Aftermath of Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting: Liability of Venue Owners for Acts of Violence Caused by Negligent Security

Our hearts go out to the victims of the Mandalay Bay mass shooting and their families.  While these incidents seem unimaginable, violence against patrons of businesses, concerts, and sporting events are becoming all too frequent.  Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, offer our condolences to the hundreds of injury victims and the families of those who perished in this horrific tragedy.  Given the number of people injured during this incident, many families will face staggering medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.  Since the shooter elected to take his own life, the victims and their families will have to investigate other sources of financial compensation for their losses.  In this blog article, we generally answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the liability of business owners for violent acts of third-parties that occur because of inadequate or negligent security.

Will the owners of the Mandalay Bay be liable for injuries to concert goers who were trampled, shot, or otherwise injured?

Under Georgia law, the issue generally would turn on several factors that include the foreseeability of the attack and the reasonableness of the security efforts taken to prevent the incident.  In simple terms, property owners in our state have a duty to safeguard patrons to their premises from foreseeable criminal acts.  

Common examples of inadequate security might include:

  1. Neglecting to repair broken fences, doors, locks, or gates
  2. Failing to warn patrons about foreseeable dangers
  3. Not providing adequate lighting
  4. Lack of response to security alerts, threats, or warnings
  5. Declining to install more security options despite repeated crimes in the area
  6. Choosing not to equip the premises with surveillance cameras
  7. Electing not to hire adequate security personnel (especially at large venues with lots of attendees, such as a concert)

What security measures are required for a business to avoid liability for violent criminal offenses committed against individuals who visit their premises?

There is no one size fits all set of minimum security features or practices that insulate a business from liability to customers, suppliers, and other non-trespassers.  The property owner must take “reasonable” security precautions, but this subjective standard will fluctuate based on the nature and amount of crime in the area, as well as other factors.  Our experienced Atlanta negligent security attorneys can improve your prospects by hiring an expert on security and crime prevention and persuasively presenting facts to the judge or jury.

What types of Georgia public and commercial locations often are the sight of negligent security claims?

Although a negligent security claim may arise from a reasonably foreseeable violent crime on any public or commercial premises without sufficient security, these incidents often occur at the following locations:

  1. Concert venues
  2. MARTA Stations
  3. Bars and Nightclubs
  4. Apartment Complexes
  5. Restaurants
  6. Office Buildings
  7. Hotels & Motels
  8. University Campuses
  9. Shopping Malls
  10. Parking Lots
  11. Apartment Buildings
  12. Sports Stadiums

Why do I need an attorney when pursuing a negligent security claim?

Insurance companies representing businesses or public entities have an enormous advantage over plaintiffs in terms of knowledge and experience in legal disputes involving personal injury.  This advantage can be magnified in cases of negligent security because of the factual nature of the inquiry and the need for expert witnesses.  Since negligent security claims involve a careful analysis of crime patterns and security vulnerabilities, a dedicated advocate can examine these issues and, if the case is viable, provide an effective factual presentation to the insurance company in settlement negotiations or the court at trial. 

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