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What Happens When Someone Is Accidentally Electrocuted

April 17, 2018

Georgia Accident Attorneys Explain What Happens When Someone Is Accidentally Electrocuted

It is often argued that harnessing the power of electricity enabled the U.S., and most of the world, to move from the Industrial Age into the Modern Age. Our lives would be markedly different if we did not have electricity at our fingertips. In fact, it would not be modern at all.

Electrocution Injuries on the Job

That being said, our complacency with electricity is also remarkable. While we enjoy the conveniences electricity gives us, we often forget that our bodies are sometimes no match for the ferocity of electrical currents. That is why we must always respect the power of electricity and be wary of the damage it can cause. This is true in our homes but also on the job site.

Many electrocutions happen at work. Being electrocuted can cause death or severe injury. Those injuries can be permanent and debilitating. If you or a member of your family suffered an electrocution either at work or by the negligence of another person, Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law could help. Montlick & Associates accident attorneys have a wealth of experience pursuing damage claims for people who were injured in Georgia through no fault of their own.

Employer Responsibility to Keep Workers Safe

Electricity in the state in which we use it now is safe. Our homes are typically safe and so are our places of employment. That does not mean accidents cannot happen, especially in a work environment. Employers must take every precaution to protect their vulnerable workers from electric shock. Failing to do so could lead to severe injury or death of the employee.

Deadly Electrical Shock "Froze State"

Electric shock can be a painful experience if the victim is fortunate enough to survive it. When alternating current strikes our body, our body goes into a frozen state. Alternating current, unlike direct current, causes our muscles to contract that is why it is common in witness accounts who observed an electrocution to report that the victim’s body became frozen. The victim’s hands and forearms also form an iron like grip. So, if the victim grabbed a live wire, the victim would not be able to let go.

Potential Dangers Lurking on Work Sites

There are many dangers from electricity lurking on a worksite. Of course, any time electricity is used, threats are never far away. However, electrical appliances, extension rods, and electrical tools create a risk. Broken or frayed ends on cords can shoot electricity into the user. Other dangers like downed power lines and lines running through trees also create a tremendous risk. A person does not need to touch a downed line to receive a shock. The ground can conduct electricity, and if someone comes between the downed line and the source, that person could get shocked.

Sweat is Highly Conductive

A person’s risk of electrocution increases on the job when workers are sweaty because sweat contains salt and saltwater is highly conductive and therefore increases the chance of suffering an electrical shock.

Electrical Shock Injuries 

Organ Damage and Failure

Electricity runs through a person quickly. Electrical current speeds up the neurons in our body, which can shut down our heart, lungs, and brain stem. Incapacitation is not always immediate. A person could walk and talk after suffering a catastrophic shock but collapse dead.

Bone Fractures

If a person is fortunate to survive a shock, other injuries can be utterly debilitating. So powerful and fierce is the body’s response from an electrical current that the resulting convulsion can break bones. Additionally, a person’s spinal cord could be ruptured because of the charge.

Electrical Burns

An electrocuted person is at risk for other injuries as well. Specifically, falling from a height after a shock is common and potentially lethal. Additionally, a person can suffer terrible burns across his or her body, including the entry point of the electrical current, from the shock.

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