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Cyclist Recovers From Hit-and-Run Accident Caused by Impatient Driver

July 10, 2017

Cyclist Recovers From Hit-and-Run Accident Caused by Impatient Driver: Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Explains 

As a cyclist was traveling on Johnson Road in Senoia, Georgia, the driver of a passenger vehicle became impatient and took dangerous action to taunt and get around the cyclist.  The injured bicyclist reported that he, along with three other cyclists, had been part of a larger group of thirty that had been traveling in the late afternoon and early evening.  The small group of four cyclists had separated from the group by the time the accident took place.

The driver of a Honda Fit began blaring the car’s horn at the bicyclists repeatedly and did not leave enough room when trying to pass them.  Due to not leaving enough room, he struck one bicyclist who is now recovering from injuries, and the driver is nowhere to be found, according to 11 Alive.

What Options Does the Injured Bicyclist Have After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

It is unfortunate that the driver of the passenger vehicle fled the scene of an accident that he is responsible for causing.  This makes it difficult for the injured bicyclist to hold that driver accountable for the injuries suffered by victims. 

In some situations, a person’s auto insurance policy may provide a way for an injured individual to receive compensation when the responsible party to the accident cannot be found.  However, because this is a bicycle accident, the particular terms of an insurance policy may be different when bicycles are involved.  This is precisely why it can be critical to allow an attorney well-versed in personal injury, auto accident, and insurance law to help an injured individual seek compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of another driver.

Fortunately, while the Georgia bicyclist should make a full medical recovery, this does not diminish how catastrophic the accident could have been given how dangerously the impatient driver of the Honda Fit was behaving.  We have already seen just how devastating road rage and bicycle accidents can be, and we don’t need another innocent person to be injured or killed because of an impatient driver.  While it can be somewhat frustrating not to be able to get around a bicyclist, all drivers still must share the road and be patient to ensure everybody on the roadway is safe and free from unnecessary harm.

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