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Atlanta Man is Victim of Dog Attack Just One Week After Young Child Was Killed

March 01, 2017

Recent dog attacks in the Atlanta area have raised awareness, and many people are pushing for stricter regulations to get a handle on what has become a very dangerous problem. Just last month, a young boy tragically was mauled to death by two dogs, one a pit bull and the other a border collie, according to WSBTV. A young girl was seriously injured during this same attack as both children were walking to a school bus stop. The owner of the two dogs has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the boy's death.

Just one week following this tragic dog attack, a 48-year-old man sustained serious injuries to his face and arm after being attacked by two pit bull mix dogs less than one mile away from where the two young children were attacked. The two dogs pulled the man into the street, and there was little anyone could do to stop the attack. When paramedics arrived, the man was unconscious and not responsive, but still breathing. At least one of the two pit bull mixes that attacked this man has been put down.

Living in Fear

Many people living in the southwest Atlanta neighborhood that have seen two brutal dog attacks in a matter of one week are living in great fear, and reasonably so. If two young children and an adult man can be attacked by dogs for simply walking down the street, some feel the same thing can happen to them at any given time. As such, these residents and many others are pushing the city to implement new regulations to control dogs on the loose and reduce the chances that a dog attack will occur.

Dog Bite Injuries Leave Constant Reminders

Because dog attacks typically result in injuries to a person's face or limbs, victims may be scarred for life and have a daily reminder of what happened to them. The young girl who sustained severe injuries went through an extremely traumatic experience that may take a significant amount of time to overcome. This is not to say that the 48-year-old man did not experience similar trauma. However, a young child is more vulnerable than an adult and may take longer to recover.

The pain resulting from dog attacks can be much more than just physical. The mental component can be just as severe. An injured victim may find it difficult to be around any other dog ever again or may become frightened every time he or she sees a dog. The consequences of a dog attack can be endless and are different from one person to the next. As such, it is the hope of many Atlanta residents that stricter regulations will help to eliminate similar dog attacks in the future.

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