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Unrestrained Pets a Growing Car Accident Risk in Georgia

February 27, 2017

When you last drove throughout Atlanta, you probably saw many people traveling with adorable dogs hanging their heads out of the window of moving vehicles. It is less likely that you considered what might happen if the dog suddenly distracted the driver by climbing in the driver's lap. Many people have no idea how many car accidents are caused by drivers distracted by unrestrained pets. Pets that are not secured inside a vehicle may cause accidents and even exacerbate the seriousness of a collision when they become flying projectiles.

The danger posed by unrestrained pets has become serious enough that a growing number of states are passing legislation to deal with the problem. These laws often require properly securing a pet while in a vehicle that is in motion as well as impose hefty fines for failure to comply. Some states simply prohibit a motorist from allowing a dog to sit in a driver's lap while operating a motor vehicle.

Almost 90 percent of drivers sometimes travel with their pets not being properly restrained. An in depth AAA study indicates the magnitude of the problem. Twenty percent of those who responded to the survey admitted to letting their dog ride in their lap while they were driving. Over thirty percent admitted that they have been distracted by their dog while driving their car.

There are a number of risks associated with transporting a pet in a motor vehicle without having the pet securely restrained:

• The pet may be injured in a collision
• The animal may climb on your lap and obstruct your vision
• The pet may engage in activity that is distracting
• Animals become flying projectiles if they are not restrained during a collision
• The pet may interfere with rescue attempts by emergency responders

The danger posed by a pet becoming airborne during a collision is a risk that many motorists do not fully recognize. Bark Buckle UP, a pet advocacy group, indicates that at 35 mph a sixty pound dog flung through the interior of a vehicle would exact comparable force to a 2,700 pound projectile. If pets are properly restrained within the vehicle, then both the animal and human occupants of the vehicle are much safer in the event of a collision.

There are safety measures that can prevent a pet from being thrown through the interior of a vehicle and reduce the risk of a pet becoming a driving distraction, such as:

• Strapping in a pet carrier with a seat belt
• Dog seat belts
• Mobile pet beds

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