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Role of Braking Systems in Causing or Preventing Georgia Motorcycle Accidents

February 06, 2017

If you choose to ride a motorcycle as a source of transportation for commuting or recreation on the weekends, you are forced to accept the basic reality that no matter what you do you are less safe than occupants of other motor vehicles. There are many factors that can cause a motorcycle accident, including an inexperienced rider, distracted or intoxicated driver and even a defective motorcycle. One weakness of some motorcycles on the road is the lack of anti-lock brake systems (ABS).

ABS systems reduce the risk of a driver locking up the brakes so that the driver has no control over the vehicle. The ABS system recognizes when a rider has overcompensated by applying the brakes too suddenly or hard and eases the amount of force applied until the tires recover traction with the roadway. ABS technology permits a rider to slam on the brakes while preventing the rider from locking up the tires, which reduces the risk of losing control of the vehicle.

Although ABS has long been a standard feature in most passenger vehicles, companies that build and sell motorcycles have not been as quick to make this technology a standard feature. The slow pace of motorcycle manufacturers in adopting this safety technology is somewhat surprising because braking system issues have been at the center of many motorcycle accident lawsuits for decades. Inefficient or ineffective braking can mean less responsive braking systems, longer braking distances and an increased probability that a rider will lose control of the motorcycle.

Because motorcycles essentially are devoid of safety equipment, the steering and braking ability of a motorcycle are typically the only tools available to a rider to evade an accident caused by an erratic or careless driver. This means that riders are dependent on effective braking to avoid dangerous Georgia motorcycle accidents. Although there is a substantial body of evidence suggesting that ABS technology can be an extremely effective accident avoidance feature for motorcyclists, the motorcycle manufacturing industry has been sluggish about adopting this technology. Manufacturers of motorcycles in Japan did not begin phasing in ABS systems to the design of their motorcycles until 2005 whereas some American manufacturers started adopting ABS technology a few years before.

The clear safety benefit of ABS is found in studies like the one conducted by the insurance industry several years ago that revealed that motorcyclists riding bikes equipped with ABS were 30% less likely to be involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. The effective use of the brakes when riding a motorcycle is more complex than when driving a passenger vehicle. While a driver of a passenger vehicle only needs to depress a single pedal, a rider must respond to a road hazard by operating independent front and rear brakes. The rider must carefully determine how much pressure to apply to each set of brakes.

The lack of ABS brakes may contribute to a serious motorcycle accident. When a defective feature of a motorcycle contributes to a serious Georgia motorcycle accident, the rider may have both a claim against a negligent driver, whose conduct contributed to the accident, and/or a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

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