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Indoor Rock Climbing in Georgia and Signing Liability Waivers

January 18, 2017

Indoor rock climbing has become a growing sport for children and adults alike all over the country. Little if any experience is required, and indoor rock climbing is often an enjoyable group activity for birthday parties and other celebrations. While indoor rock climbing can certainly be fun, it can also be very dangerous, especially for younger children. So, what happens if someone suffers injuries while indoor rock climbing?

In most cases, a waiver and release of liability must be signed before a person can participate in an activity like indoor rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing is often considered an inherently dangerous activity, and to protect themselves from liability, indoor rock climbing facilities may require participants to sign a waiver and release of liability before being allowed to climb.

11-Year Old Boy Suffers Severe Fractures After Falling Thirty Feet While Indoor Rock Climbing in Florida

An 11-year-old Florida boy experienced just how dangerous indoor rock climbing can be after plummeting thirty feet to the ground while celebrating his birthday. According to the news report, the young boy suffered severe fractures to his wrist, ankle and spine, all of which can make growth painful and difficult for years to come. The parents of the boy have filed a lawsuit against the indoor rock climbing facility alleging that their son was injured because an employee failed to properly secure the boy's harness.

Additionally, the family alleges that the mats on the surface of the floor did nothing to soften the impact when their son fell. In other words, the lawsuit alleges that the material on the floor may have contributed to the severity of the boy's injuries because the material was not soft enough. The lawsuit also alleges that staff members were not present when the boy fell thirty feet and that staff members should have been monitoring or supervising the 11-year-old while he was climbing.

What if a Waiver and Release of Liability Was Signed?

It is likely that one of the boy's parents had to sign a waiver and release of liability before the boy could climb. However, whether or not this waiver and release of liability will prevent the boy from recovering for his personal injuries is something that must be resolved by the Florida court the complaint was filed in. In Georgia, as in many other states, waivers and releases of liability may be valid in court, and in some cases, the signed waiver and release may prevent someone from recovering compensation as part of a personal injury lawsuit or settlement.  However, a company cannot contract out of liability.  

Every situation is different, and a potential legal claim arising from personal injuries suffered at a rock climbing facility must be thoroughly evaluated by an experienced Georgia Personal Injury Attorney. When it comes to dangerous activities such as indoor rock climbing, signing a waiver and release of liability can prove to be extremely important if a person suffers injuries. As such, speaking with an attorney is a good first step if you or someone you know has been injured while participating indoor rock climbing.

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