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Burn Injuries From Exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

November 25, 2016

Canadian Man Claims to Have Suffered Serious Burns from Exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The world has recently seen some frightening incidents related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, as the phone has been linked to spontaneous smoking, fires, and even small explosions. Samsung has recalled all Note 7 phones pending further investigation. However, Samsung still has other phones on the market, including the Galaxy S7 Edge. The phone has not been recalled, but this could change after a Canadian man claims to have suffered burns after his S7 phone exploded in his hands.

The man claims that while he was driving, with the S7 phone in his pocket, he felt the phone get warm. He then took the phone out of his pocket, and it exploded in his hands. The man compared the event to firecrackers going off and stated that one of the sparks hit him in the face. While he did not suffer any injuries to his face, he did suffer second and third-degree burns on both of his hands. Moreover, he is a mechanic and is currently out of work as he cannot use his hands until the burns heal. The man stated that the incident could have been much worse if the phone was close to his face when it exploded.

When Products Cause Physical Injuries to Consumers

There are a variety of ways in which people can suffer physical injuries from defective products. Many people likely never expected that a cell phone could cause an injury, let alone one that may have permanent consequences – scars left after serious burns. When it comes to products, it is more common to see injuries associated with drugs, medical devices, and car machinery or parts (such as defective brakes and tires).

The types of injuries suffered will depend on the type of product at issue. For example, some drugs have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, and permanent neurological disorders, among many other debilitating medical conditions. With regard to car machinery or parts, thousands of people have suffered physical injuries after being involved in an accident where defective brakes or tires may be to blame. Such injuries include, but are not limited to, burns, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), soft tissue injuries, damage to internal organs, spinal cord damage, partial or complete paralysis, and broken bones.

While most of us never expected a person to suffer injuries from an exploding cell phone, stranger things have happened, and this Canadian man's story has demonstrated that Samsung may be dealing with a widespread issue that is not only related to the Galaxy Note 7 phone. Regardless of what the true cause is of the exploding cell phones, the fact remains that people are getting injured, and some of those injuries could prove to be fatal the next time something like this happens.

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