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The Dangers of Theme Park Rides – Tragic Accident Results in Fatal Injuries

November 10, 2016

Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss the Dangers of Theme Park Rides 

Theme parks are supposed to be fun for the entire family, with many activities available for even the smallest of children. However, theme park accidents do happen, and often, the results can be catastrophic. Many of you may recall that a young boy lost his life earlier this year at a Kansas City water park when he fell from the raft on an extremely large and steep water slide. A recent accident in Australia has similarly reminded us of how a disastrous accident can occur at any time without warning.

The "Thunder River Rapids Ride," at Australia's Dream World theme park, is advertised as being safe for people ages two and up. This 28-year-old ride consists of a circular raft that gently carries people across a "river." Many American theme parks have very similar if not identical rides. These rides are generally considered safer than most, but even safe rides can become dangerous.

Raft Malfunction Leads to Death of Four People

One of the rafts for the Thunder River Rapids Ride did not operate as intended when it was being lifted onto a conveyor belt so that the occupants of the raft could be let off. According to The Guardian, as the raft was approaching the conveyor belt, it flipped over, throwing two people from the raft, and dragging two other people under it. All four of these individuals tragically lost their lives because of this shocking and unexpected accident. A thorough investigation of the accident is not yet complete, and it could take months to determine what went wrong and why the raft flipped over.

How Do You Know if a Ride is Safe?

Given that tragic theme park accidents can happen when you least expect it, it can be extremely difficult to know whether or not a ride is safe. We rely on the theme park employees and engineers to ensure all rides have passed necessary tests, have no defects, and do not show wear and tear.

Being a 28-year-old ride, it is possible that the Thunder River Rapids Ride did have some wear and tear even if parts and equipment had been replaced over the lifespan of the ride. On the other hand, perhaps safety testing was not as thorough as it should have been. We simply do not know. The possibilities of why an accident like this happens can be endless, and all we can do is hope that those responsible for ensuring a ride's safety are taking every step possible to prevent tragic theme park accidents from occurring in the first place.

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