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New Study Suggests Parents Should Buy Convertible Car Seat By Child’s First Birthday

December 18, 2015

Many parents will traditionally wait as long as possible to buy a convertible car seat for their child. The convenience of the detachable infant carrier, commonly referred to as the "bucket seat," is unmistakable. However, a new study might have parents across the country reconsidering keeping their child in a bucket seat beyond their first birthday.

Consumer Reports recently released its newest ratings for convertible car seats. This time, they used an innovative test protocol for the child car seats. One of the main purposes in developing this new test was to better determine the level of protection of a child's head in the event of an accident. Head injuries to young children can prove devastating, leaving some infants and toddlers with permanent disabilities. Other crash tests thus far failed to look at what happens when a child comes into contact with another part of the vehicle.

Accordingly, Consumer Reports' test has added an additional surface that simulates the interaction a child safety seat would have with the back of the front seat in the event of an accident.

Convertible Car Seats May Be More Effective in Preventing Head Injuries

This new crash test provided insights into the potential safety benefits of convertible car seats, as opposed to infant seats. In the infant car seat tests, the dummy child, which was the size of an average 12 month old child, suffered a head strike in just over half of all car seat models tested.

The 22 pound dummy in the rear facing convertible car seats, on the other hand, only struck the seat back in one of the 25 car seat models tested. The general conclusion reached is that the convertible car seats, which have longer shells and a different shape, seem to provide additional space between the child's head and the seat back, which can protect them in the event of an accident.

Parents Urged to Buy Convertible Seats Earlier

As a result of these findings, Consumer Reports is encouraging parents to not wait too long to buy the convertible car seats. As their report stresses, parents will need to purchase this seat anyway, so if it is safer to switch to it earlier, parents might as well buy the seat now. Pay attention to the height limits on your infant car seat, as most infants will exceed these limits long before they meet the weight maximums.

Anyone whose child is injured in a car accident should consult with an automobile accident attorney early on so that the situation is evaluated and the necessary steps are taken to protect the injured child's rights. Car accidents can prove dangerous for young children, even with the highest quality car seat. Parents should always take car to ensure whatever car seat they use is properly installed so as to provide their child with the most protection.

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