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The Museum of American Tort Law Opens, Explores the History of Personal Injury Law Across the County

November 11, 2015

Recently, the American Museum of Tort Law, founded by Ralph Nader, opened in Winsted, Connecticut. The museum is the first of its kind in the nation. Its mission—to educate the public as to the history of personal injury law and restore the idea that personal injury law is a way to hold those accountable for injuries inflicted on others. A tort is any wrongful act that can form the basis for a civil claim. Tort law essentially encompasses the law of personal injury.

The novel museum offers several exhibits that explore some of the most historically significant personal injury cases. One exhibit centers on the case of William Daniels, who was an employee of the United Novelty Company. He was cleaning a piece of his employer's machinery with a gasoline cleaning agent, despite the fact that the company had warned against the use of such an agent. Gasoline leaked under the machine and soaked a rat hiding beneath. The rat somehow caught fire under the gas heater, and an explosion resulted, killing Daniels. The Supreme Court of Mississippi held that the company was liable for Daniels' death because the company had a responsibility to ensure that employees used safe cleaning agents and worked in a safe environment.

Another popular exhibit focuses on the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit. This lawsuit has been the source of much controversy over the years, with much of the public believing the plaintiff got away with a landslide victory. However, as the museum explores, the case was quite complex and the evidence against McDonald's wrongdoing was overwhelming. The company had received several complaints concerning the temperature of its coffee, which it kept dangerously hot, especially compared to other coffee-serving establishments. The elderly victim suffered third degree burns across much of her body due to the scalding coffee and required major surgery.

Personal Injury Law Holds the Negligent Responsible for Their Actions

Nader, a lifelong consumer advocate, hopes this museum will educate the public further as to the importance of personal injury law, which has long presented the sole means for injured victims to hold the negligent individuals or companies who injured them accountable. Through personal injury law, the rights of consumers are protected and the concept of ordinary diligence is preserved. Personal injury law is a vital vehicle for bringing about justice and just compensation for the injured.

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