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Georgia Premises Liability Attorneys Discuss What to Do If You are Injured at the Grocery Store

October 27, 2015

Most of us will make a visit to the grocery store at least once a week. Grocery stores offer tens of thousands of items that many of us need on a day to day basis. They can attract hundreds of customers a day and will often employ over 50 staff members per shift. With all of these people and activity, accidents can and do occur. Supermarkets have long been the site of slip, trips, and falls, impacting a number of customers.

Grocery stores and other retail stores will generally have plans and policies in place to ensure customer safety. Unfortunately, store employees often do not know or choose to follow safety policies and customers get hurt. Thousands of people are injured in grocery stores each year, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to significant injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or paralysis.

Most grocery store injuries have one of two common causes: slips and trips. Customers will often slip on slippery surfaces in the store that are slick due to spilled food or liquids, mopping or improperly polished floors. Alternatively, trips can result from uneven surfaces or misplaced items in the store.

Take Action After Your Slip and Fall

If you have been injured in a grocery store in Georgia, it is important to take action immediately to protect your legal rights. The following is a look at some steps, among others, you should follow after your fall or other accident:

  • Document the incident: Your first important step will be to ensure the incident is documented. Most stores will have reporting policies that require employees to take photographs of the cause of the incident and record a statement from the injured customer. However, not all employees will follow this protocol. As such, it is up to you to make sure the incident is documented. Report the incident to the store manager. Document the manager's name. Do not mention the incident to an employee alone as that employee may not accurately pass the information along. Also, take names and numbers of all witnesses.
  • Take pictures: You should take pictures of the cause of the incident. For instance, if you slipped on a floor strewn with spilled grapes, photograph the floor as it existed at the time of your fall. Do this before maintenance cleans up the spill and take pictures of your visible injuries as well.
  • Note the cause of your injury: It can be helpful to write down your immediate thoughts on the cause of your injury. For instance, if you slid on spilled dish detergent, note how your feet lost traction and whether it appears anyone else walked through the spill before you.  Record how you fell as well.  
  • Consult with an attorney: Armed with this initial investigatory material, consult with a skilled premises liability attorney who will assist in protecting your rights.

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