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Atlanta Resident Dies in Boating Accident While on Vacation

September 21, 2015

Recently, a United States tourist from Atlanta died in a boating accident off Costa Rica. The thirty year old man hopped into the water while aboard a fishing expedition with several other tourists, including a family member. He tragically became entangled in the boat's propeller and died. The Red Cross responded to the scene of the accident, which occurred about three miles out from Los Sueños Marina.

The Atlanta tourist had been aboard a 36 foot boat heading on a fishing charter. Several tourists asked if they could swim and the captain allegedly stopped the boat in the ocean to meet the passenger's request. However, the captain left the engine running. The tourists, including the 30 year old Atlanta man, jumped into the water. Shortly afterward, his bathing suit became caught in the boat's propeller. The captain cut the engine upon hearing a loud noise, but it was too late and the victim perished. This tragic boating accident comes just a few weeks after the deaths of two other tourists in Costa Rica while on the waterways.

The Potential Dangers of Vacation Excursions

Many Americans will engage in excursions while staying at resorts or taking a cruise. These excursions can be orchestrated through the hotel or the cruise line, but also can be booked independently. While generally vacation excursions offer fun and excitement, anyone considering engaging in one of these activities should pay close attention to the potential safety implications.

Excursion trips in foreign countries might not be licensed or meet safety standards typically expected in the United States. Thus, travelers should ask about the company's safety records and safety equipment. For instance, anyone considering a boating excursion would be wise to ask how long the company has been in operation, the captain's experience level, what safety equipment is on the boat and whether the company is licensed and insured.

Travelers who will be exploring potentially dangerous areas should consider not doing so and also ask questions as to the safety measures taken to protect tourists. Several years ago, a 15 year old cruise ship passenger was killed by gun fire while being transported to an excursion. Many other tourists have been violently robbed or injured. It is always wise to ask plenty of questions concerning safety when booking an excursion in a foreign country. Engage the assistance of the resort or cruise line if you need additional help finding the answers to your questions.

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