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Young Boys Hospitalized for Sunburns after Daycare Allegedly Left Them in the Hot Sun

September 14, 2015

Recently, two five and seven year old boys from Oklahoma were taken to the hospital for treatment of second and third degree sunburns that parents claim they suffered while in the custody of a daycare, according to WSB TV. The boys were dropped off at a daycare center around 9 a.m. and picked up after 5 p.m. The kids told their parents they had played at the splash pad all day without shirts on. Blisters covered their bodies, but that was only the beginning. The boys soon began to complain of trouble breathing and their chests swelled. They were flown to a Texas hospital with a children's burn unit where they were treated for second and third degree burns.

Investigations reveal that the daycare at issue has been cited at least 19 times for non-compliance, including issues such as having too many children in one room or expired fire extinguishers. The family has filed a police report and the matter is being investigated by the local Department of Children and Family Services.

Daycare Negligence

We entrust our children's daycare to keep them safe while offering fun, educational play.  Most daycares are safe and managed well.  However, it is every parent's worst nightmare to receive a call that their child was injured while in the hands of a daycare center. Unfortunately, for some parents, this becomes reality as children across the country sustain a variety of injuries while at daycare. Most are relatively minor and will heal in a few days, but others can be serious or even life threatening.

Incidents such as the above can be pure accidents, but can also be caused by daycare negligence. When you are running a daycare, close attention to safety is required as young children are prone to accident inducing behavior. In 2011, a three year old died while at daycare after swallowing a pushpin. Parents claimed the pushpin should never have been accessible to the child, as they are known to present a hazard to young children. 

Parents are advised to select their daycare facility closely and look for any signs of negligence, which could include too many children per caregiver, lack of proper safety measures to prevent children from wandering, cleanliness issues and more. If your child is injured in the care of a daycare, consult with an knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can advise you of your rights as well as take the necessary steps to protect those rights.

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