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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You: Dangerous Drugs Kill Thousands Each Year

September 14, 2015

Each year, hundreds of drugs are manufactured and marketed by pharmaceutical companies across the nation. Each of these new drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they reach the consumer. However, despite this multi-step safety screening process, dangerous drugs continue to kill thousands each year. Prescription drug deaths are on the rise. A drastic jump in the number of deaths due to prescription drug overdoses, which could be linked to a lack of warning by physicians, is quickly increasing the amount of deaths caused by drugs. Other drugs result in death due to dangerous side effects.

Manufacturer Liability

Dangerous drugs will generally often cause the most harm within the first 12 months after their release, indicating a lack of appropriate testing and underestimation of the full potential of their risks. Early drug users are thus sadly the most common sufferers. Some manufacturers, however, will continue to market drugs even months or years after receiving reports of problems their products.

Drug manufacturers are strictly liable for injuries that result from the products they sell if the drug is defective or unreasonably dangerous. A drug can be considered defective or dangerous if:

1. Manufacturers failed to warn consumers as to the possible bad effects of the drug;
2. The product had a design flaw that made it unreasonably dangerous; and
3. The product is defective due to a manufacturer error.

Examples of Dangerous Drugs

In recent years, there have been a number of mass tort lawsuits against drug manufacturers due to drugs now considered dangerous. These drugs include Fen Phen, a weight loss pill that manufacturers have paid injured consumers billions due to its dangers, Plavix, Celebrex, Avandia and Bextra. Other drugs noted for their dangerous effects include: Accutane, Seroquel, Yaz, Actos, Ortho Evra, Tequin and many more.

The dietary supplement industry is one also prone to dangers as the FDA does not require formal testing or approval of these items. Dietary supplement makers must assure the FDA and consumers that products are safe before marketing, but doing so helps very little when studies have not been conducted as to their safety. The number of dietary supplement related injuries and deaths will likely increase in recent years unless laws are changed as to how we treat this category of drugs.

Anyone injured due to a prescription drug should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Often, mass litigation is already underway concerning the dangerous drug that injured you and your case can form a part of the lawsuit seeking to hold the manufacturers accountable.

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