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Road Rage Incident Leads to Fatal Shooting

September 06, 2015

A shocking road rage incident in Florida led to the tragic death of a man in front of his family, according to a local news report. According to the Sheriff's Department, two men, one 51 and the other 44, had an aggressive interaction while driving. The 44 year old followed the other man to his residence. The second driver exited the vehicle and approached the first driver, where he threatened to physically harm him. The 51 year old fired several shots into the other individual, fatally wounding him. He then turned the gun on the deceased individual's family waiting in the car and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

The wife of the deceased man is now claiming that her husband had followed the shooter to his home in order to get his address and file a complaint concerning the road rage incident. She believes he never intended to physically harm the man. The shooter now faces charges of second degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Staying Calm When Confronted with Road Rage

Aggressive driving has become a major problem nationwide. Atlanta in particular has been the site of several road rage incidents in recent years as well. This alarming Florida road rage incident that led to a death reminds us all of the importance of avoiding the escalation of any road rage incident. Here is a look at some steps, among others, you can take to avoid road rage:

  1. Move over if someone is tailgating you, as blocking their path can further enrage them;
  2. Offer an apology gesture if you feel another driver is becoming agitated, such as a friendly wave, as this may diffuse the situation;
  3. Always plan ahead and allow for travel delays in your trip so that you do not become easily angered;
  4. Consider whether you have done anything to annoy the upset driver and take steps to stop performing the behavior or apologize;
  5. Think before using your horn and do so sparingly;
  6. Avoid eye contact if you sense a driver has become angry and provide them plenty of space;
  7. Listen to calming music you enjoy.

If another driver is behaving in an aggressive manner that you feel is threatening your safety, pull away and get safely far away from them if you can.  If necessary, call 911 to request assistance with a dangerous aggressive driver.

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