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Unleashed Dog Attacks 11-Year Old Boy in Atlanta Park

August 20, 2015

Dogs have proven to be loving family members to many of us, providing companionship and protection. Many dog-owners do not experience a situation where they are either attacked by another dog, or their dog has attacked another person. While dogs are, for the most part, domesticated, they still have instincts that can result in an attack at any given time. In fact, it can sometimes happen when you least expect it. The smallest dog can become instantly violent.

A young boy and his family recently experienced just how dangerous unleashed dogs can be, even if these dogs are the best of pets, according to CBS46. As the 11-year-old boy and his brothers were exiting their mother's car, a woman's dogs, who were not leashed, went towards the children. The boy received treatment for the wounds and luckily escaped the situation, thankfully without serious injuries.

The True Consequences Dog Bite Victims Face

Many injuries can be overcome in due time, without leaving a trace that the injury ever occurred in the first place. For example, if you scratch your arm, the aftermath will be visible for a relatively short period of time, eventually disappearing. The more extensive an injury is, the greater the chance is that it will take a substantial amount of time to heal. The situation becomes much worse when injuries are permanent, leaving both physical and emotional scars that are daily reminders of the event that caused them.

How a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Given that dog bite injuries often result in permanent scars, and possibly even disfigurement, there are valid reasons why an injured victim should wish to seek recourse. When it comes to dog bites and attacks, holding the dog-owner responsible can be a difficult process, and should be handled with the assistance of a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney.

Even though many dog bite cases are resolved through insurance claims, there are some situations where legal action may be the best option for injured individuals seeking recovery for what has happened to them. However, in order to determine what course of action is best suited for a person's particular situation, an attorney will evaluate the potential case as thoroughly as possible.

Put Our Law Firm's Over 39 Years of Legal Experience to Work For Your Personal Injury Case!

No matter how much we love and care for our dogs, there is always a risk that a dog could attack someone at any given time for any or no reason at all. As such, any time a dog bites another pet or individual, the owner of that dog should be held responsible for that dog's conduct.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of any kind of bite or attack, it is important that you consider speaking with a Personal Injury Attorney, as you may have options available to you. Montlick & Associates handles personal injury cases of all sizes, ranging from a few thousand dollars in value to millions of dollars. Please visit our website and our Client Results and Client Reviews pages for additional information about our firm.

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