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Motorcycle Accident Kills One in Atlanta

August 11, 2015

Police are currently investigating a fatal motorcycle accident that happened in southwest Atlanta, according to 11 Alive News. The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office has reported that the victim was a 46 year old from Atlanta. He was riding along with four others overnight on Benjamin E. Mays Drive. Police report that three of the bikers turned around after they no longer saw the accident victim traveling with them. It appears that the 46 year old rider was rounding a corner when he lost control of the motorcycle and slammed into a pole. He was thrown from the bike and tragically died as a result of his injuries.

Each year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, over 4,000 motorcyclists are killed in crashes. Though the number of motorcycle fatalities has fallen since 2009, the number of deaths on motorcycles remains over 26 times the number of deaths in car accidents.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcyclists safely abide by the rules of the road.  However, there are several common causes of motorcycle accidents, including:

  1. Loss of control accidents: These accidents, like the recent Atlanta accident, involve the motorcyclist losing control of the bike, often due to speed or poor road conditions. When bikers lose control, serious single motorcycle accidents can occur.
  2. Head-on accidents: Over half of all motorcycle accidents are between a motorcycle and another vehicle. In the majority of these accidents, the car hits the motorcycle from the front.
  3. Cars making left hand turns: This is one of the most dangerous scenarios for the less visible motorcyclists. Drivers making left hand turns will often not see the motorcyclist and make a left hand turn into the motorcycle. This most often will result in serious injuries or death to the motorcyclist, who lacks the protections afforded the driver of the car.
  4. Alcohol use: Motorcycle accidents can result from alcohol use on the part of the motorcyclist and the driver of the car. Alcohol use impairs judgment and reaction time. Motorcyclists are already less visible than cars and drunk drivers are even more prone to not see them, resulting in accidents.
  5. Distracted driving: This is another dangerous behavior that can cause an accident through either the actions of the motorcyclist or the car driver. Drivers who text, talk on the phone or engage in other risky behaviors might not see obstacles on the road and serious injuries could occur.
  6. Cars pulling into the path of motorcyclists: Drivers of cars might fail to see motorcyclists as they pull out of a side street, highway exit or parking lot. This can cause broad side accidents or force the motorcyclist to swerve into approaching traffic.

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