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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Water Safety Tips

July 20, 2015

As the weather continues to heat up in Georgia, many families are flocking to the pool, lake, or beach to cool down. Nothing is quite as refreshing as the cool water on a hot summer day. While swimming can be great fun for the whole family, it is critical that Georgia residents follow some important water safety tips.

Water Safety

According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 4,000 people die from drowning each year. Drowning kills more children ages one through four than any other cause except hereditary anomalies. For those under the age of 29, drowning is among the top three causes of unintentional death. On top of the alarming number of drowning deaths, another approximately 5,800 individuals are rushed to the emergency room with nonfatal drowning injuries.

As the weather warms and you head to the pool or beach with your children, the American Red Cross has recommended simple steps, among others, to prevent drowning deaths:

Supervision: Supervision requires closely observing all children as they play in the water each and every time. An adult must focus intently on watching the children, which requires putting away cell phones and other distractions. Drowning can happen in mere moments and a drowning person cannot always call or signal for assistance. As such, keep a close eye on all children or people who are not strong swimmers.

Barriers: Children should not be able to enter a pool area without an adult present. Barriers must physically block a child's entrance to the pool area. Appropriate barriers will include self-closing gates and self-latching doors, as well as child proof locks on doors and pool alarms. Pool covers must be professionally fitted for the pool. If not made for the pool, the canvas covering can actually pose a drowning hazard by trapping children under the water.

Swimming lessons: It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that all children ages four and older take swimming lessons in order to prevent drowning. Additionally, the agency is moving towards recommending swim lessons for even younger children as studies have shown a decrease in drowning in children ages one through four who took swim lessons.

Be prepared in case of an emergency: It is important that caregivers know how to perform CPR on children and infants as if a child stops breathing after being underwater, you will have mere minutes to resuscitate the child. In the event of a drowning emergency, immediately begin CPR (if you are CPR certified) and call 911 or enlist the assistance of another person nearby, if possible, to call for help.

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