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The Second Part of a Discussion on Georgia Accidents Resulting Catastrophic Burn Injuries

June 25, 2014

This is the second part of our two installment blog post providing an overview of burn injuries from fires and explosions in Georgia. While the first installment focused on the types and causes of fire and burn-related injuries, this second installment focuses on the type and severity of injuries from such fires. While this blog post is designed to provide basic information about accidents that may cause burn injuries, the best way to acquire more specific information about your situation is to contact our Atlanta Burn Injury Attorneys to schedule a free consultation after reviewing the information below.

Burn injuries are categorized by the severity of the burn. A first degree burn is the mildest form of burn and impacts only the epidermis, which is the surface layer of skin. While a first degree burn can be red and cause discomfort, these burns are essentially the equivalent of sunburns. Second degree burns (partial thickness burns) are more serious because they involve not only the surface layer of skin but also the dermis, which is the skin underneath the surface layer. If you do not obtain appropriate medical treatment for a second degree burn, it can develop into a third degree burn, which is extremely serious. Third degree burns (full thickness burns) impact the skin all the way through to the hypodermis layer and take a prolonged period to heal because of the severity of the damage to multiple layers of skin tissue and other bodily structures. Third degree burns cause charring of the skin and may result in extensive disfigurement, often requiring skin grafts and extensive psychological therapy to cope with the trauma.

Smoke inhalation injuries are another serious type of fire related injury. These types of fire-related injuries are extremely serious and can occur with even a brief exposure to fire. When a person breathes in extremely hot air, gases, and particulate matter present in the smoke created by a fire, it can cause burning or swelling of the air passages and the lungs. In structural fires and gasoline fed motor vehicle fires, carbon monoxide poisoning from smoke inhalation can prove fatal. Suffering from an inhalation injury may cause permanent harm that limits the victim's ability to enjoy the activities that he did prior to the accident. The need for an oxygen tank may limit a person's mobility completely.

While many presume that the likelihood of being involved in a fire is minor, fire departments throughout the U.S. respond to a fire every twenty seconds. If you are one of those victims who were injured in a fire caused by a motor vehicle accident, unsafe product, industrial accident, or any other negligent conduct, the experienced catastrophic burn injury attorneys at Montlick & Associates will fight hard to help you obtain the compensation you need for reconstructive surgery and emotional support to cope with the devastating injury and psychological trauma of severe burn injuries. In addition, we will fight for compensation for the additional assistance that most burn victims require for many years or even a lifetime.

If you have suffered a serious burn injury caused by the negligence of a third party, our experienced and compassionate team of Georgia catastrophic burn injury attorneys can guide you through and handle the challenges of dealing with legal complexities and insurance hassles. We recognize that you may feel bewildered by excruciating pain, overwhelming stress, and staggering financial obstacles, but we are available to evaluate your burn injury case and advise you regarding your right to pursue a legal claim for compensation.

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