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Trampoline Accident Broken Leg Lawsuit Lawyers

January 17, 2023

Many people are hospitalized each year with catastrophic injuries due to trampolines. In some cases, trampoline springs have been shot out from their position and into a child's body. 

The most common trampoline injuries include:

  • Broken bones;
  • Spine or neck injuries; and 
  • Head injuries.

After a trampoline has seen heavy use, it may have broken springs or a torn mat. When trampolines become worn, the mat can pull away from the springs leading to injury. Sometimes a spring can become loose and then fly off of the trampoline, causing fatalities or injuries. Moreover, trampoline springs can stick out through the protective covering, causing painful lacerations or puncture wounds.

Who is Liable for a Trampoline Injury?

Determining who is liable for a trampoline-related injury can be difficult. For example, if the trampoline's manufacturer created a manufacturing defect or instructions did not contain adequate warnings alerting users of certain dangers and how to use the trampoline safely, the manufacturer might be held responsible for the victim's injuries. Manufacturers have an obligation to manufacture and sell products that have sufficient warnings and are reasonably safe.

Should a trampoline be fabricated without defects but in a state of neglect at the time of the incident, the trampoline's owner could be held liable for the victim's injuries. The owner of a trampoline is responsible for repairing any dangerous conditions or preventing guests from venturing into hazardous conditions present on their property. If a person's trampoline exhibits serious signs of wear and is unsafe, the trampoline owner must have the trampoline repaired or prevent people from trying to use it.

Some municipalities use a legal doctrine called "attractive nuisances," which states that if a property owner who has a condition or feature on their land that can entice children to trespass, such as a trampoline, that same property owner be held liable for injuries to children, even when the children have been trespassing. Liability could be absolved if the property owner took reasonable action to keep children from trespassing on their property.

Did you or a member of your family sustain a trampoline accident injury or broken leg? 

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