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Frequently Asked Questions about Georgia Fire and Explosion Injury Claims

November 28, 2013

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates recognize that whether an injury victim is injured in a house fire, fiery car accident or an explosion on a construction worksite, the consequences usually are devastating physically, emotionally and financially. Combustible or incendiary materials can ignite or explode when these materials are not handled properly and/or safety procedures are disregarded. Because of the severe nature of injuries suffered in fires and explosions, those who suffer injuries in these types of accidents often must cope with staggering medical bills, long-term disability from employment, grueling courses of rehabilitation and dramatic changes in their daily life experiences. Although not every explosion or fire is the result of negligence by a party, carelessness and lack of attention can be extremely hazardous around flammable and explosive materials. We have provided answers to a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about fire and explosion personal injury claims.

Can I sue for damages after suffering burns in a fire or other serious injuries in an explosion?

While liability is not automatic when someone suffers injury in an accident involving a fire or explosion, liability may be imposed based on premises liability against a property owner or management company that fails to eliminate hazards that pose an unreasonable foreseeable risk of causing a fire or explosion. This may include hazards like electrical wiring that violate building codes or missing or malfunctioning fire sprinkler systems in commercial business establishments. Manufacturers of defective space heaters, propane grills and other products may be liable based on product liability law. Manufacturers of products that contain defects that cause explosions or fires may even be liable on a strict liability basis depending on the circumstances, but negligence is probably the most common basis for imposing liability against other defendants.

Can an individual sue the manufacturer of a car if the vehicle bursts into flames or blows up?

While a vehicle fire can occur when vehicles are involved in the serious impact associated with a collision, carmakers have a legal obligation to design and manufacture vehicles that are not prone to these types of dangers. When a vehicle's gas tank or fuel system are prone to rupture or leak gasoline during a collision, the automaker may be liable for resulting injuries. Even if the other driver caused the collision because the driver was intoxicated, this does not preclude a court from imposing liability on the vehicle manufacturer. If the other driver is uninsured or lacks sufficient coverage to fully compensate an injury victim for their medical bill, lost income, pain and suffering and other forms of loss, the vehicle manufacturer will have insurance coverage to satisfy a settlement or judgment.

What types of consumer products are most commonly involved in causing explosions or fires?

Many of the consumer products most typically associated with these types of serious accidents involve use of a type of flammable fuel, such as propane, natural gas or gasoline.

• Propane: Portable barbecues, swimming pool heaters, dryers
• Gasoline: Motor vehicles, power lawnmowers, powerboats
• Natural Gas: Stoves, household appliances (dryers), heaters

While these are common consumer products that may cause an ignition source leading to an explosion accident, sometimes pipelines that are defectively designed or inadequately inspected or maintained can lead to a leaks or ruptures that result in explosions.

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