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Seeking Financial Compensation as a Violent Crime Victim in Georgia

November 24, 2013

If you or anyone close to you has ever been seriously hurt during the commission of a crime by a third party, then you understand the lasting trauma and long period of recovery that faces many victims of violent crimes. Criminal attacks affect victims in many different ways, including both physical and emotional effects. While the police and prosecutor may seek justice in the form of punishment of the perpetrator of the criminal act and restitution to the victim this restitution is often woefully inadequate to fully compensate a person for their medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, diminished enjoyment of life experience and other losses.

Our dedicated and experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates, our dedicated team of lawyers is ready to fight for the rights of our clients seeking compensation from the perpetrators that caused their injuries. Even if a criminal court finds an assailant not guilty, the wrongdoer can still be found liable for damages in a civil suit. Because the criminal case "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof is such a rigorous standard, many perpetrators of acts of violence escape criminal liability despite a significant amount of evidence. When this occurs, financial recovery and a finding of fault against the wrongdoer may be the only way to obtain justice for the victim of a violent criminal offense.

If someone is the victim of domestic violence, battery, attempted murder, assault, or drunk driving, far too many victims of crime are never compensated for their physical and psychological injuries through the criminal justice system. The criminal justice can sometimes provide limited relief for victims by ordering their attackers to pay restitution. Restitution may help cover the costs of hospital visits and medication but usually falls far short of compensating victims for their traumatic experience and its painful aftermath. While an assault victim with a broken jaw or a carjacking victim with a stab wound will eventually heal and be discharged from the hospital, the emotional toll can take much longer to overcome.

Fortunately, our civil tort system provides a forum for crime victims and their loved ones to pursue justice and compensation for their suffering. Although most perpetrators of violent crime may not have sufficient funds to satisfy a personal injury judgment, our experienced Atlanta violent crime injury lawyers search for alternative sources to satisfy a judgment or settlement. The perpetrator may have property or wages that could be garnished to pay for the harm caused by their criminal acts.

Often more significantly, if the crime occurred at a business like a retail store or an office with inadequate security measures, then the owners of the property or business will often have liability coverage that provides compensation. Owners of apartment building or parking garages also may be found liable if they have failed to provide sufficient security measures to safeguard patrons. Even when business and property owners are aware of violent crime on their property or the immediate vicinity, some do not take appropriate actions to make the premises safe.

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