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Trampoline Accident Injury and Paralysis Lawyers in Georgia

February 07, 2022

When driving through neighborhoods, you will likely see children jumping on at least one large trampoline.  You will also see smaller trampolines used at fitness centers.  Although trampolines are amusing, they also can also cause some of the most severe injuries. 

The Most Common Types of Trampoline Injuries

As long as a trampoline is in good condition and has no obvious tears, protrusions, or defects, people generally are hurt due to a missed landing.  When users miss the trampoline’s center and land on the edges of the trampoline, they can receive injuries, including:

  • Muscle s Sprains,
  • Broken bones,
  • Foot fractures,
  • Ankle breaks, 
  • Spine injuries, 
  • Neck injuries, 
  • Back injuries, and
  • Head injuries.

Trampolines do break down from use and weather exposure over time, leaving a trampoline with missing or broken springs or a torn mat.  When trampolines become worn, a jumper might fall through the worn mat, or the mat might pull away from the springs.  In some serious accidents, a spring becomes loose and flies off of the trampoline, leading to severe injuries.  Moreover, a spring might break, causing painful puncture wounds or lacerations.

Determining Fault in Trampoline Accidents in Georgia

Determining who is liable for medical costs and pain and suffering after a trampoline-related accident is not as easy as pointing the finger at the trampoline’s owner.  In some cases, the trampoline has a manufacturing defect or the trampoline did not include sufficient warnings concerning safe use or weight limits.  In these circumstances, the manufacturer may be held partially liable for the victim’s injuries since the manufacturer of a product has an obligation to make and market products that are safe and provide safety warnings to instruct purchasers of the potential dangers of the product.

If a trampoline is free of manufacturer defects and the trampoline is not in safe condition at the moment of the accident, the trampoline manufacturer could be held liable for the trampoline victim’s injuries.  If a trampoline has dangerous wear and tear, the owner must repair the trampoline before permitting people to use it, or they should throw away the trampoline to prevent others from being injured on their trampoline.

In some trampoline injury cases, the trampoline owner may be protected from civil liability when someone trespasses on their private property and is injured.  However, some states consider trampolines an “attract nuisance.”  States that follow the “attractive nuisance” legal doctrine require property owners who have a condition or feature on their land which can entice children to trespass onto the property owner’s land (such as a swimming pool or trampoline) can be held liable for injuries children receive as a result of playing on the attractive nuisance, even when the child was trespassing.  The property owner can be absolved of liability when they take reasonable actions to prevent children from trespassing on their property.  For example, placing a locked fence around the trampoline can prevent children from accessing the trampoline and therefore preventing their injury. 

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