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Georgia Train Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers

February 07, 2022

Trains have been used for the past 100 years to transport people and goods throughout the United States. Some people use trains to get to work, while others use trains as a means of transportation for travel and leisure. Although train accidents are rare occurrences, the images of train accidents shown during news reports have many people afraid of riding on trains. Train operators work hard to convince the public that trains are a safe and economical way to travel. According to news outlets such as, a person traveling by motor vehicle is at a greater risk of being killed in a car accident than dying in a train crash. 

However, traveling by train is not without risk. There have been several catastrophic train accidents that have occurred in the past few years. In 2018, a train accident in Cayce, South Carolina, tragically killed two people and injured 116. Many of these recent train accidents involved human error or negligence. In the Cayce train accident, a misaligned switch was the cause of the severe train accident. Our legal professionals can help you understand your legal rights and recover monetary damages for train accident-related injuries. 

Train derailments are the most severe types of train accidents that can occur. When the wheels of the train leave the track, the train rises off the train track, and the train's cars begin to overturn. Train derailment accidents often throw passengers inside their cars. Glass shatters, and other debris is thrown around the car. These hazards during the train derailment cause severe injuries such as broken bones, severe lacerations, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and fatal blunt force trauma. Passengers and local citizens living in the area of a train accident might also be injured as a result of any toxic liquid or gas releases. Trail derailments often occur when a train travels too fast or hits an object on the tracks.

In train-to-train collisions, one train will strike another train head-on or from the rear because they are sharing the same train track. These train-on-train crashes are caused when a train's operator misses a traffic control sign or because train controllers fail to provide important directions.  

Compensation for Injured Train Passengers and Crew Members

Once accident investigators have determined the cause of a train accident and those responsible for the crash have been identified, injured passengers and families of those tragically killed in the wreck might be able to file a claim to recover compensation from those responsible for the crash. Monetary compensation received after winning a train accident lawsuit helps victims address the following damages:

Medical Expenses: Train accident injury victims may be able to file a claim or lawsuit to recover the costs of medical bills and reasonable future medical expenses. As long as the costs are necessary and reasonable, the at-fault party could be held responsible.

Rehabilitation Expenses: Train accidents can cause catastrophic injuries requiring physical or rehabilitative therapy. Like medical expenses, future physical therapy costs that are necessary and reasonable can be pursued in a train accident injury lawsuit.

Lost wages: When people are injured in a train accident, they often are hospitalized for several days. Most victims will have severe injuries such as broken bones and head trauma. In the worst cases, the victims will have lost limbs, sustained life-threatening injuries, or have been tragically killed. These catastrophic injuries require surgeries and rehabilitative therapy. Moreover, accident victims may be going to several medical appointments once released from the hospital. When the accident victim has missed work and lost wages due to an accident, their attorney may fight for lost earnings. An accident victim who is unable to perform their job may be able to receive the difference in pay between their old job and their new, lower-paying position. 

Other Damages: All accident injury claims have different facts and circumstances that can affect the types of monetary damages that may be pursued in accordance with Georgia law. In many cases, an accident victim's attorney can demand and fight for additional compensation such as pain and suffering, diminished earning capacity, sick leave, property damage, emotional distress, disability modifications to the victim's home, and much more. 

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