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CPSC Warns of the Potential Danger to Consumers Posed by Riding Lawnmowers

October 09, 2013

While many of us who are over forty remember using old fashioned push lawnmowers to cut the lawn, there are a growing number of homeowners who now use lawn tractors and ride-on mowers particularly if they have a large lawn to maintain.  Although these riding mowers can be a more efficient way to take care of a large area, they also can pose a significant danger of causing injury. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 34,000 people were treated in emergency rooms during a recent three year period for injuries suffered in riding lawnmower accidents.  According to the federal agency, there also are an average of a hundred people a year who die in fatal riding lawn mower accidents.

The CPSC reports that the most common injuries involving garden tractors, lawn tractors and other types of riding mowers involve inadequate stability of the mowers which result in rollover accidents or blade contact with those on the ground, such as small children.  When fatal riding lawnmower accidents occur, the incidents usually involve one of a recurring pattern of accidents that include the following:

  • Someone falling into the blades of the mower
  • Riders being thrown from the machine and run over
  • Crush injuries when the machinery tips over

The federal agency also notes that using this equipment on slopes increases the danger associated with ride-on mowers.  The agency provides the following suggestions when using a riding mower in the vicinity of a slope:

  • Exercise caution around uneven terrain, holes, trenches, rocks or other objects that could promote tipping
  • Travel up and down the slope rather than sideways across the slope
  • Avoid mowing slopes when the grass is wet and may result in poor traction
  •  Keep the machine in gear when driving down the slope rather than shifting to neutral and coasting
  •  Avoid turning, starting or stopping while on the slope if possible
  • Disengage the blade if the lawnmower loses traction

While these suggestions are those of the CPSC, anyone who operate these vehicles also should carefully consult the manufacturer instructions and warnings.  The CPSC also recommends that those who use these vehicles exercise diligence and caution when kids are in the vicinity to avoid mutilation injuries caused by the rotating blades and crush injuries caused by kids being run over by the lawnmowers.

If you or someone you love is injured in a riding lawnmower accident because of a careless or inattentive operator, the driver of the lawnmower may be liable for any resulting injuries.  If an accident occurs because of inadequate safety features, vehicle malfunction or other product defects, the manufacturer may be financially responsible for some or all of the following forms of damages: medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, emotional distress, lost future earnings, loss of consortium, burial/funeral expenses, punitive damages and/or other forms of compensation.

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