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Carbon Monoxide Suspected Death of Boy in a Motel Room Where Couple Died Two Months Before

June 24, 2013

With the summer in full swing, many families are making travel plans which include arranging flights, rental cars and hotel reservations.  While traveling can provide a form of rest and recreation from the hustle and bustle of work, it also can result in travel-related injuries.  While some of these types of injuries may seem fairly obvious like motor vehicle accidents and falls on slippery pavement near swimming pools, other travel-related hazards may be equally dangerous but far more insidious.  One travel-related hazard that you may not have considered is exposure to toxic substances.

A mother was just brought out of a medically induced coma in critical condition this week to the news that her 11-year-old son died during their stay at a motel.  Authorities suspect the death and illness to the mother were caused by a carbon monoxide leak.  The motel room was the site of the death of an elderly couple just two months earlier.  The cause of death of the elderly couple was unclear at the time, and the family was told that the couple died of “cardiac conditions.”  While the toxicology test results have not yet been released, authorities now suspect that carbon monoxide leaking into the room caused all three deaths.

If you are exposed to carbon monoxide, asbestos or other hazardous substances when you are present in a commercial, residential or public property, you may have a claim for financial compensation for resulting injuries or the tragic death of a loved one.  Carbon monoxide is an odorless and tasteless toxic gas that constitutes the most common source of fatal poisoning accidents.  Significant exposure to carbon monoxide can have devastating effects including brain damage, impaired functioning of internal organs and even death.

There are many potential sources that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning when appropriate maintenance is not performed and carbon monoxide alarms are not installed, which include:

  1. Furnaces and heaters
  2. Wood-burning stoves
  3. Floor buffers
  4. High-pressure washers
  5. Saws used to cut concrete
  6. Camping stoves
  7. Welding equipment
  8. Gasoline powered tools

When property owners fail to take appropriate steps to keep their premises safe or warn of hazards they know exist or should know exist, the owner of the property can be liable for harm caused by the toxic exposure.  These cases often require prompt investigation so you should seek legal advice immediately if you believe that you or someone close to you has suffered serious injury or a medical condition caused by a toxic substance on the property of another person.

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