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$6.5 Million Awarded To Nursing Home Fall Victim

May 28, 2013

Nursing home injuries and neglect are at an all time high within the United States according to numerous sources. Families are admitting their elderly loved ones into these nursing home facilities in order to make sure that their health and physical needs are taken care of properly. However, sadly each and every day for some people these facilities are hurting more than they are helping. Nursing home residents can face many obstacles such as physical and sexual abuse, bed sores, not receiving proper medications or not being tended to properly medically, and especially falling and seriously injuring themselves.

Virginia Crouse was a typical nursing home resident, as might be seen in most facilities across the country. Crouse was admitted to the Stanleytown Health Care Center after she suffered from a mild stroke in order to receive physical therapy so that her mobility would somewhat return after a period of time. However, Crouse's pain soon took a turn for the worse after she suffered a fall in her bedroom in the nursing home.

Crouse now not only suffered from her prior physical disabilities due to her stroke, but also had to deal with a broken shoulder and hip, which ultimately has left her with permanent impairment especially with the use of her left arm. Yet, how would such an accident occur within a facility that is supposed to be dedicated to the health and recovery of its residents? Sources state that the facility owner discouraged the residents from using bed alarms or signals when they got out of bed for multiple reasons that still, at the end of the day, do not outweigh the safety of the residents.

However, the case becomes a little foggy in some aspects with the staff and their testimony and it properly coinciding with the events that actually took place. While the staff claimed that a bed alarm was sounded, and that they were simply unable to aid Crouse before her injury took place, apparently facts were presented by the Plaintiff's attorney that tell a different story. Apparently, evidence presented to the court showed that a bed alarm was not in use, even though her plan within the facility required one.

Crouse's family stated that upon their visiting Virginia, they never once saw a bed alarm, as did EMS employees who responded to Crouse's fall. Although the facility used plans and brochures to show future residents and their families that bed alarms would be used, other evidence was brought to light that showed another spin on things within the nursing home. Plaintiff's counsel found and brought to the attention of the court that the facility distributed training information to it's employees that encouraged them to not promote or use bed alarm devices for the sheer idea that it was more of a hassle, and it would be less work for them to do.

During the court proceedings, the jury was asked to consider Crouse's medical expenses presently and in the future, as a result of the fall. Punitive damages were sought in the issue dealing with bed alarms being discouraged, as well as other compensation needs. The jury returned a verdict of $6.5 million, which will help with all of her expenses associated with her accident.

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