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Simply Put, Helmets Prevent Bicycle-Related Injuries in Atlanta

May 24, 2013

One of the best pieces of advice that our Atlanta bicycle accident attorneys can offer to bicyclists is to wear a helmet at all times. Unfortunately, not wearing a helmet substantially increases a bicyclist's chances of suffering from traumatic brain injuries and other serious and life-threatening conditions. Oftentimes, we notice bicyclists out and about in Atlanta who fail to heed this advice, making themselves highly susceptible to injury and sometimes death.

A poll conducted by the British Medical Journal found that most people feel that mandatory helmet laws are discouraging to cyclists. In other words, laws that require people to take safe measures often backfire and encourage them to do just the opposite. In this view, the poll found that over 65% of people who participated in the evaluation reported that they oppose helmet laws. In addition, the majority of those polled felt that there was not enough evidence to suggest that wearing a helmet significantly protects bicyclists from injury during an accident. Otherwise stated, the individuals in the poll believe that mandatory bike helmet laws wrongfully give the impression that biking is an abnormally dangerous activity.

While the above-mentioned poll may have some merit, our experienced Atlanta bicycle accident attorneys cannot underscore the importance of wearing a helmet. Contrary to the belief of many of the individuals polled, bicycling is, in fact, a potentially dangerous activity and leads to serious and sometimes fatal injuries across the state of Georgia and nationwide. While many streets are designed to accommodate bicyclists, they nonetheless face the threat of drivers who fail to see them. Other bicycle accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers as well as those that are distracted for whatever reason. Moreover, it goes without saying that for any bicycle accident involving an automobile or truck, wearing a helmet helps save lives and serious injuries.

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