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Study on Hazmat Tanker Transportation in China Could Help U.S.

November 14, 2019

CHINA – A study performed by researchers at Chang’an University in Xi’an, China, looked into tankers transporting hazardous materials (hazmat) in China and found that the industry needs some safety improvements. The study, published online on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, analyzed several years of data from accidents involving hazmat tanker trucks in China.*

Alabama Plans to Make Streets Safer for Pedestrians

November 11, 2019

ALABAMA - Over 6,000 pedestrians tragically died on American roadways in 2018, according to Pedestrian fatalities now account for around seventeen percent of all traffic-related fatalities. The rise in pedestrian deaths is higher in Alabama than the national average. The state ranks seventh out of all states in pedestrian fatalities.*

NTSB Urges States to Pass Bicycle Helmet Laws

November 09, 2019

UNITED STATES – The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is urging states to pass bicycle helmet laws, as the agency is reporting a rise in deadly bicycle accidents in the country, according to an online news story reported by Not all states have mandatory helmet laws for riders of all ages, including North Carolina and South Carolina.*

Texas is the Third Highest in Vehicle-Pedestrian Deaths in the Nation, Florida Ranks Second

October 31, 2019

TEXAS – Texas is the third highest in the nation for vehicle-pedestrian deaths, according to an online news report published on  The Governors Highway Safety Association put together the Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State report using preliminary data comparing a six-month period in 2017 to a six month period in 2018.  The results indicated that Texas had an increase in pedestrian deaths.

Early Statistics Indicate that Georgia's Hand's-Free Law Saves Lives

October 30, 2019

GEORGIA – Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers who engage in distracting behaviors such as talking on a cellphone are four times more likely to be involved in an accident than motorists who are paying attention when behind the wheel, according to an online editorial published on   Even more disturbing is the fact that the chances of a collision are 23 percent higher when a motorist is texting or emailing while driving.  

Lion Air Plane Crash in Indonesia Caused by Multiple Factors

October 30, 2019

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – A report from an Indonesian investigation into the 2018 plane crash of Indonesian budget airline Lion Air states that a multitude of factors caused the horrific tragedy that occurred just thirteen minutes after takeoff, according to an online news article published by These factors included issues with the design of the Boeing 737 MAX plane, issues with pilot training, and issues with maintenance on the plane.*

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents are on the Rise While the Number of Car Accidents Has Steadily Decreased

October 29, 2019

UNITED STATES – According to an online news report at, fatal automobile accidents have decreased for the second year in a row across the United States.  However, the amount of pedestrians and bicyclists who have been killed have increased again, which demonstrates that vehicles are becoming safer only for individuals inside of them.*

Mistakes People Commonly Make in Dog Bite Cases

October 18, 2019

Many people own dogs, and while they can be man’s best friend, it doesn’t mean that this is always the case.  The truth is, while unfortunate, many innocent people, including postal workers and children, sustain serious injuries after being bitten or brutally attacked by a dog without provocation. Not everyone has their dog properly trained or restrained.

Motorcyclists in South Carolina Face Constant Risks and Dangers

October 17, 2019

South Carolina- writes that South Carolina is one of the country's most hazardous states for motorcyclists. Statistically, risks to motorcyclists are higher in South Carolina than nearly every other southeastern state. Motorcyclists on the road say that they feel they are less safe in recent years than in the past. The impression riders are getting is backed up by statistics.

What Insurance Representatives Tell Accident Victims From What They Really Mean

October 16, 2019

Whether you are a pedestrian hit by a car while properly crossing the roadway with the “walk” sign activated or a driver who is hurt when another motorist rearends your vehicle, your accident typically will mean dealing with insurance companies.  Many representatives from insurance companies seem friendly and even helpful, but their role is to acquire information that allows the insurers to deny claims or pay the smallest settlement possible. Remember: the insurance adjusters are not your friend.

Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Boeing Forewent Safety Upgrades to 737 MAX Planes

October 07, 2019

SEATTLE, WA. – According to an online news report from, a whistleblower complaint recently reviewed by The Seattle Times alleges that Boeing forewent safety upgrades for its 737 MAX line of airplanes due to cost and scheduling considerations. The improvements were reportedly rejected during production of the planes in an attempt to keep airlines’ costs lower.*

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Georgia

October 06, 2019

As roads become increasingly congested, pollution problems continue to increase, and the cost of operating a vehicle rises, people in Georgia are seeking healthier ways to travel. This is why bicycling in the state has become increasingly popular. However, bicycle accidents, which have been on the rise in Georgia for the past decade, are a distinct reality with the ever increasing population.*

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