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When an individual suffers an unanticipated injury, it may result in intense pain, periods off work, extraordinary medical expenses and other hardships. Those who suffer these adverse consequences may have a right to pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit to receive compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. Because we know that those injured by the carelessness of others usually do not have legal training, our Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys have endeavored to provide information on a range of issues regarding legal claims and available remedies. Although we discuss an extremely broad spectrum of topics, we know that you may have concerns about your specific case. We invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Atlanta, Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers.

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National Big Box Store Chain Sued For Serving Chicken Contaminated by E.coli Bacteria

August 15, 2017

Georgia Products Liability Attorneys Issue Warning About Eating E.coli Bacteria Tainted Food From Local Big Box Stores

Eating food contaminated with the E.coli bacteria can be extremely harmful and even fatal. One woman recently filed a lawsuit against a national big box store chain for serving chicken contaminated by the E.coli strain of bacteria, according to Fox News. Unfortunately, the woman fell violently ill and suffered permanent damage from consuming the spoiled food. While there is no way to decipher whether food is spoiled before consuming it, especially in a store whose primary service is to provide retail goods and not food, one must be cautious and seek immediate medical attention if symptoms of illness persist before it is too late.

You Cannot Wait to Obtain Evidence in the Hands of a Third Party

August 14, 2017

Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Georgia Explain Why You Cannot Wait to Obtain Evidence in the Hands of a Third Party

Our personal injury attorneys at Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, have significant experience handling various personal injury cases all across Georgia and the southeast. Some of the most valuable evidence that helps prove our clients' cases lies in the hands of third parties who were not directly involved in the incident. Our experience has taught us how to acquire that information, be it documents, surveillance videos, computer files, or other information in the hands of another. We understand how to locate, preserve, and obtain the original piece of information from its source.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Georgia Discuss Negligent Child Care Accidents

August 11, 2017

A 5-year-old boy tragically died this late July when he walked away from a group of children and adults at Cochran Mill Park in south Fulton County, according to The child's parents placed their eldest son in the care of a group they believed was operating a licensed day care at the park. Tragically, it turns out, the day care was unlicensed. While many camps and day care centers are exempt from registration, this one, in particular, had not even applied for exempt status.  This incident is a sad reminder that parents should research the facilities to which they send their children.

Georgia Premises Liability Attorneys Discusses Roof Collapse Cases

August 08, 2017

The state of Georgia continues to distinguish the difference between invitees and licensees on premises. The distinction is out moded, and some jurisdictions like Illinois have moved to abolish in favor of their legislature enacting one all-encompassing burden. Nonetheless, under Georgia law, a landowner, premises owner, or the person under whose control the premises lies owes a duty of care to their invitees to keep them free from harm. If you or someone you loves suffered personal injuries in Georgia, then the premises liability attorneys at Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you maximize your opportunity to recover damages for your injuries.

Georgia Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Discuss Tragic Incident

August 07, 2017

A motorist killed a 10-year-old girl in Douglas County during in the pre-dawn hours in what appears to be a horrific and tragic accident. The family of the little girl who died has been torn apart, and the driver who killed her is also emotionally scarred. This sad story is a reminder to us all of how precious and fragile life can be and should serve as a warning to drivers and pedestrians alike that care must be exercised at all times while on the roads.

Chatham County Superior Court Jury awards $11.2 million in Damages

August 04, 2017

A Chatham County superior court jury awarded $11.2 million in damages to the parents of a young woman killed on a Georgia movie set. The woman killed was 27 years-of-age. She and other production crew members were situated on a train trestle when a train sped down the tracks. The production crew was setting up to take a shot. They did not have permission to be on the trestle at the time of the accident which occurred in February of 2014.

Getting the Most Out of Your Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer

August 02, 2017

The selection of a personal injury attorney should not be taken lightly because the experience, knowledge and resources of the law firm you retain can have a profound impact on your personal injury claim. Montlick & Associates offers a free consultation, which provides an opportunity for potential clients to ask questions, obtain a case evaluation and determine if a particular attorney is the right choice. This initial consultation can be a valuable opportunity for injury victims to assess the merits of retaining a law firm, but it is a good idea to take steps to maximize the value of this initial meeting. Our experienced and caring personal injury attorneys in Georgia have suggested a few items that you may want to bring to your initial consultation with a lawyer at our law firm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Georgia

August 01, 2017

When family members entrust elderly loved ones to the care of a Georgia nursing home, they justifiably assume that their loved one will receive appropriate care to meet their loved one's needs and that the staff will not subject the loved one to abuse. Unfortunately, these reasonable expectations are sometimes left unfulfilled when nursing homes elect to place profits above quality of care. Nursing homes in Atlanta or the surrounding areas of Georgia may fail to provide adequate staffing levels or otherwise fail to implement appropriate policies for elderly residents who suffer from age-related cognitive limitations, such as those caused by Alzheimer's disease, dementia or physical limitations that make them prone to falls. In such scenarios, the nursing home may be liable for injuries or wrongful death caused by its failure to provide adequate care and supervision.

Personal Watercraft Accidents in Georgia

July 31, 2017

As the summer temperatures grow and people seek to cool off with water activities, people will likely spend the hot days riding their Jet Skis®, SeaDoos®, WaveRunners® and other personal watercrafts (PWCs). Personal watercrafts provide an exciting form of recreation, but they can be very dangerous when they are in the hands of someone who is inexperienced or intoxicated. A study by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that seventy percent of PWC accidents were attributable to one of three causes – (1) inattention, (2) inexperience or (3) inappropriate speed.

Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents at Night in Georgia

July 30, 2017

The pedestrian accident and injury lawyers at Montlick and Associates have been representing pedestrians struck by motor vehicles for over 33 years. Our attorneys have seen the devastating consequences of careless or inattentive drivers who plow into those walking, jogging or crossing the street in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia.

Common Mistakes That Damage a Personal Injury Claim in Georgia

July 29, 2017

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Georgia Discuss a Few Common Mistakes That Could Damage Your Case

Many people who suffer incapacitating injuries or lose a loved one to a drunk driver, foreseeable and preventable act of violence or an exhausted big-rig driver do not receive the recovery they should because they make mistakes that damage their personal injury or wrongful death claim. While it may seem reasonable to see how the other party’s insurance company will proceed in handling your claim, insurance companies are not in the business of expediting the full value of an insurance claim to injury victims. Further, most insurance companies are staffed with a knowledgeable and experienced team of attorneys, experts, adjusters and others with the objective of reducing the amount paid to injury victims.

Protecting Aging Loved Ones from Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect in Georgia

July 25, 2017

The prospect of caregivers, who are entrusted with the care of our elderly loved ones, committing acts of violence or viciously ignoring the fundamental necessities of hydration and nutrition may seem hard to imagine. Unfortunately, elderly residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout Georgia suffer abuse and neglect far too often. Seniors may even be assaulted or neglected by in-home caretakers hired to come in to the home so that the senior can maintain a high degree of independence. Our Atlanta elder abuse attorneys represent seniors and family members of aging loved ones in seeking financial compensation suffered at the hands of those paid to provide care and assistance to seniors. In this two-part blog article, we have provided an overview of the scope of the problem and suggestions for protecting your loved one from nursing elder abuse and nursing home neglect.

Georgia Federal Court Ruling Highlighting Requirements for Introduction of Testimony by Medical Providers

July 24, 2017

If a careless or inattentive driver T-bones your car in an intersection or slams into the rear of your vehicle, the financial benefit of a settlement or judgment might ease the financial burden associated with serious injury and time off work.  Medical evidence often is critical to proving the cause, nature, and severity of the injury.  Moreover, the testimony provided by a physician will usually have a significant impact on the outcome of a personal injury claim.  Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits might not realize the procedural obstacles that complicate the process of getting a doctor’s testimony to be considered by a judge or jury.  In this blog article, we explore a decision that provides a detailed overview of what requirements must be met when introducing testimony from a doctor in the Federal Southern District of Georgia.

Addressing Injury Claims After the 4th of July Celebrations Are Over

July 19, 2017

The 4th of July holiday provided a time for families to celebrate our country’s independence with family while enjoying fireworks, barbecues, and family. However, safety experts have referred to the July 4th weekend as the most dangerous weekend of the year.  In fact, the National Safety Council indicates that a recent 4th of July saw 385 deaths and 11,400 injuries from fireworks, swimming accidents, and auto collisions.  In this blog article, our personal injury attorneys urge members of our community to be vigilant about protecting their legal rights after suffering an injury due to another's negligence.

Liability of Commercial Airlines for the Injury or Wrongful Death of a Passenger

July 17, 2017

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Address Liability of Commercial Airlines for the Injury or Wrongful Death of a Passenger

Many people are afraid of air travel even though aviation accidents are rare events.  Nonetheless, crashes do not constitute the only way passengers are injured during a commercial flight.  The media recently reported on multiple lawsuits against United Airlines.  In one incident, the commercial airline quickly and quietly settled a lawsuit filed by a passenger when she was forcibly dragged off her plane in Chicago.  Another lawsuit was reportedly filed by a passenger who suffered an injury during a rough landing.  In this article, our Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers in Georgia examine the potential liability of a commercial airline for injuries suffered by passengers during a flight.

Georgia Court of Appeals Decision Reveals the Importance of Bringing All Claims in a Timely Manner

July 16, 2017

When you experience injury in a car accident or a slip and fall on a wet floor in a grocery store, the skill and experience of your personal injury lawyer often have a profound impact on the financial compensation you receive for your injuries and other losses.  While some injury victims attempt to negotiate directly with the responsible party or his or her insurance company, unrepresented injury victims often make mistakes in terms of what might seem to be the most basic aspects of pursuing a civil lawsuit.  These types of miscalculations reveal that even aspects of a claim that seem rudimentary might necessitate the knowledge and expertise of a top Atlanta personal injury lawyer.  In this articles, we review a Georgia Court of Appeals decision allowing a plaintiff to bring additional claims beyond the statute of limitations covering the initial claims because of their relationship to the original claims.

An Overview of Fire Injury Claims in Georgia

July 14, 2017

More than three dozen families lives changed forever when one of the worst fires in modern California history engulfed an Oakland warehouse.  Several types of negligence can cause a fire that results in painful and disfiguring injuries or fatalities.  This type of fire might be caused by faulty wiring, a gas leak from defective machinery, or improper use of chemicals.  Parties who fail to take reasonable care to avoid creating fire hazards and manufacturers of defective products that cause fire accidents can be financially responsible for the harm they cause.  However, injury victims and surviving family members can face challenges in proving liability.

One Billion Dollar Settlement Against Takata for Exploding Airbags and Falsified Testing

July 13, 2017

Our Atlanta Product Liability Attorneys Report on the Billion Dollar Settlement Against Takata for Exploding Airbags and Falsified Testing

Takata, the Japanese company and word's largest manufacturer of airbags, has agreed to pay $1 billion dollars in criminal sanctions for failing to disclose defects that caused air bags to explode.  Takata air bags have been linked to at least fifteen fatalities and hundreds of injury victims.  The company must pay restitution of $850 million to automakers that equipped vehicles with the faulty airbags.  Takata also was ordered to contribute $125 million toward a fund that will be used to compensate victims of the exploding airbags.  The final component of the award includes a $25 million criminal penalty. 

Motorcycle Accident Claims in Georgia

July 12, 2017

Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

Motorcyclists face many risks that drivers and passengers in cars do not. The very nature of the vehicle means that unlike people traveling in cars, motorcyclists have no metal surrounding them. But there are other risk factors as well, including the fact that motorcycles are less visible than cars, and that small obstructions on the road can lead to accidents for motorcycles when they would not pose much of a risk to drivers in passenger vehicles.

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