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Basic Types of Insurance Applicable to Georgia Motor Vehicle Crashes

March 06, 2015

If you are involved in a collision in Georgia caused by a distracted or speeding driver, your first concern will be seeking medical attention and treatment for your injuries. However, this medical treatment will not be free, so the financial impact of hospital bills, lost wages and vehicle repair is likely to provide an additional source of stress. When you are involved in a collision  the source of the funds to compensate you for the damages you suffer typically is paid from insurance coverage.  This article will be focused on discussing some of the types of insurance that can apply when you are injured in an accident that is caused by someone else's negligence.  Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates recognize that many car accident victims are confused regarding the types of coverage that apply to their personal injury claim. We have provided an overview of types of insurance coverage that might be important if you are involved in an Atlanta car accident.

The first type of insurance coverage that accident victims need to understand is liability coverage. Liability coverage is designed to cover you if another driver causes you to suffer harm. This type of coverage differs depending on the state in which you are involved in an accident, and this blog will be limited to discussing Georgia law. If you are hit by an individual who is engaged in unsafe driving practices that cause a collision, the individual is required to carry a minimum of $25,000 per victim and $50,000 per accident in liability coverage. This means that if the other driver only has the legally required minimum amounts of coverage, the other driver's insurance provides coverage for harm caused to you up to $25,000. The total coverage available per accident is only $50,000. If 3 or more people are seriously injured, some victims with significant injuries might find that the insurance limits are exhausted before they receive any money.   Many times the negligent driver will have more than minimum coverage, and in some situations they may even have an "umbrella" policy that offers substantially more coverage.  And if someone is driving in the course of their employment, the employer's policy could afford protection as well.

If you are involved in a collision with a commercial driver operating a tractor-trailer, the situation differs somewhat. The insurance for tractor-trailers and large trucks is usually a minimum of $1,000,000. Many times the actual coverage available when a big-rig is involved in a crash will be substantially higher than this amount. Trucking accidents involve multiple parties, so the insurance issues can be extremely complicated. If you are involved in a collision involving a large truck, you should seek legal advice from an experienced trucking accident attorney as soon as possible.

Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage is another ype of insurance coverage that can provide financial benefits and security for you or a resident relative if your accident is caused by a driver with no insurance or inadequate coverage. This type of coverage can be either add-on or non-add on. Georgia law was changed in 2009, so most insurance companies provide add-on uninsured motorist coverage unless the policyholder rejects such coverage. 

A common coverage that is often important if you are involved in an accident is called medical payments coverage. This type of coverage is essentially health insurance that you purchase that covers you or a family member if you have medical expenses because of a car accident. It may be beneficial to have medical payment coverage pay for your medical bills following an accident first rather than a motorist's health insurance.

Health insurance and disability insurance are two other kinds of policies that can potentially afford protection, depending on the facts of the case. 

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