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Thirteen-Year-Old New Hampshire Girl Dies from Undetected Brain Tumor – Family Files Lawsuit

February 21, 2017

Advances in medical care have enabled thousands of patients to survive conditions that they would not otherwise overcome. The advances in diagnostic imaging have been particularly helpful for identifying internal problems that cannot be evaluated by looking at a patient or documenting that patient's subjective symptoms. While many people have doctors and hospitals to thank for saving their lives, there are many people out there who have suffered at the expense of medical care that has fallen short.

A recent and saddening story reported by the Concord Monitor demonstrated how important it is for medical professionals to thoroughly examine patients who present to doctors and hospitals with continuing and severe symptoms. The family of a thirteen-year-old New Hampshire girl feels as though the health care system let them down and have now filed a lawsuit against the doctors and hospitals who allegedly failed to order crucial diagnostic testing that could have saved their daughter's life.

Medical Professionals Allegedly Fail to Order Diagnostic Imaging

The thirteen-year-old girl who suffered a fatal brain tumor had presented to her doctors and the emergency department for what the family's lawsuit alleges are classic symptoms that a brain tumor was present. According to the lawsuit, the young girl saw a doctor or was admitted to an emergency room on nine occasions where no diagnostic imaging was ordered. It was not until the girl's last trip to the hospital that brain imaging was conducted, showing that the young girl did, in fact, have a large brain tumor that ended her life only five days later.

The young girl had been suffering from severe migraines, vision problems, nausea, and tongue numbness for months leading up to her death. These symptoms were allegedly ignored for too long, preventing the ability of medical professionals to effectively treat the tumor.

What Went Wrong?

When it comes to diagnostic imaging, many medical professionals take a conservative approach and only order such imaging when absolutely necessary, as some imaging could expose patients to radiation and cause more harm than good. However, when a patient repeatedly complains of the same symptoms that continue to get worse over time, many medical professionals will order imaging to try and find out what is going on inside the body. In this case, the girl's parents believe that waiting too long to conduct the appropriate diagnostic testing directly led to their daughter's tragic death.

Medical negligence is a fact of life as the healthcare system is not perfect. While simple steps can prevent some incidences of medical negligence, it is not always easy to prove that a doctor or hospital's conduct is the cause of a person's injury or death. As such, when confronted with potential medical negligence, it is always crucial to seek the advice of a qualified legal professional.

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