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The Prevalence of Fatal Medical Errors in Medical Malpractice Claims

November 14, 2016

Georgia Medical Malpractice Injury Attorney Discusses the Prevalence of Fatal Medical Errors

Medical treatment and surgical procedures are a necessary source of healthcare that we need to save and improve lives. However, the same medical treatment intended to help patients has resulted in harm for hundreds of thousands of lives – something that many people are not aware of. Overall, the United States is known for having an advanced medical system that enables the vast majority of Americans to receive adequate medical care. While millions of people receive medical care and undergo procedures without complications, a significant number of patients are falling victim to medical errors, many of which may be preventable.

Medical Errors – What Patients Should Know

According to a recent study performed by patient safety researchers, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, with heart disease being the leading cause, and cancer the second cause of death. The number of deaths caused by medical errors is estimated to be approximately 250,000 deaths per year according to the study, which is 700 deaths per day or 9.5% of all deaths annually.

Back in 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that medical errors were an epidemic. However, the number of medical errors over the past couple of decades has not improved, causing concern for both healthcare providers and patients. As such, the prevalence of medical errors is considered a public safety issue for many that needs to be discussed openly. A detailed evaluation of the different types of medical errors that occur as well as the reasons why those medical errors occur will help to prevent similar errors in the future.

Many Injuries Associated with Medical Errors are Overlooked

Medical errors occur for a variety of reasons. Some people believe that there is a lack of standardization across all sources of medical care, meaning that treatment may not be consistent from one hospital to the next, or one state to another state. Additionally, some people say that we must do a better job at tracking medical errors and actively doing something to prevent such errors, whether that be training, seminars, or another way of getting the message out.

Many severe inpatient injuries are overlooked, so they are often not accounted for. Awareness of the frequency of medical errors should help to encourage healthcare providers to do what they can to help resolve a problem that has remained stagnant for two decades. Hopefully, the recent study on fatal medical errors will hopefully help both healthcare providers and patients to have a better understanding of just how serious and important this issue is.

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