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New Hospital Sinks Intended to Reduce Infections May Actually Be Making the Problem Worse

November 05, 2016

Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys Discuss How New Hospital Sinks Intended to Reduce Infections May Actually Be Making the Problem Worse

Hospitals are essential to treat those who suffer from injuries and illnesses. Hospitals save lives, but they also can cause more harm than good for some patients. It is commonly known that germs are prevalent in hospitals given the number of patients and the various types of health conditions these patients suffer from. However, many of us expect that the hospitals themselves are clean and sterile to reduce the risk of infections spreading from one patient to the next.

Reports have recently surfaced demonstrating hospitals may not be as clean as we thought. With good intentions, hospitals have installed numerous sinks to ensure all hospital staff members are washing their hands. However, the sinks themselves have proven to be dangerous for many hospital patients. It may seem like common sense that if people are washing their hands, they are reducing the risk of spreading bacterial infections to others. While this statement is true, the significant number of sinks in hospitals has overshadowed the benefits of handwashing.

Why Are Hospital Sinks So Dangerous?

Bacteria thrive in sinks, drains, and pipes. The water itself contains bacteria that does not harm most healthy people. However, if hospital patients have compromised immune systems, they are more susceptible to contracting an infection from bacteria in the water. Additionally, because sinks, drains, and pipes are hot beads for bacterial growth, biofilms form, which are colonies of bacteria banded together. These biofilms are nearly impossible to get rid of, so the bacteria flourishes.

It is difficult to have a good balance of handwashing and the number of sinks in a hospital. Perhaps steps can be taken to protect patients from the sinks themselves. Some hospitals have removed sinks completely from hospital rooms to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria. Overall, there is always some risk of infection while being treated in a hospital, but it is certainly news to many that sinks can be a source of dangerous bacteria, leading to severe and even fatal infections. As such, it is always a good idea to keep yourself informed about the concerns hospitals, physicians and patients are facing.

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