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Texarkana Podiatrist Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Negligence that Resulted in Permanent Injuries

August 27, 2015

The United States medical industry has multiple specialties that allow patients to receive treatment and care that is specific to the particular medical condition a patient is suffering from. However, even specialists, who are supposed to be the best in their field, make mistakes. And while such mistakes are more often than not unintended, they can have consequences that result in permanent injury or death, potentially changing an injured patient's life forever.

A particular case relevant to our discussion involves an Arkansas woman who, in 2013, suffered hardship when a Podiatrist allegedly injured the woman's foot from negligently performing multiple foot procedures. The woman now has a permanently disfigured foot that has left her in a much worse condition than she was in prior to the first foot procedure. In addition to suffering from physical injuries, this woman experienced, and continues to experience, emotional pain and anguish. Although most doctors practice medicine carefully and safely, the woman certainly is not the only person to have been harmed by medical negligence.

Understanding Consent When Undergoing Surgical Procedures

We all know that in order to undergo a procedure, as patients, we have to consent to have the procedure performed. There are situations where some doctors fail to disclose all risks associated with a particular procedure. Some physicians also encourage procedures when doing so might not be necessary and there are less invasive alternatives for the treatment of a patient's medical condition. While many doctors are qualified and provide outstanding care to patients, there are also doctors who commit acts that have resulted in serious injuries and even death to many innocent people.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Even if a doctor does not intend to cause him, he or she should still be held responsible if negligent conduct caused a patient to suffer injuries or death. When a doctor has allegedly committed an act of negligence, an attorney is a good resource for investigating what has happened to you. With an attorney by your side, you will have the help you need to overcome the matter you are facing. While not all injuries can be linked to a physician's conduct, and not every case is successful, for those situations where medical malpractice can be proven, working with a highly experienced attorney can be the answer to holding a physician responsible for your or a loved one's physical and emotional suffering. 

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Any surgical procedure carries risks that most of us are aware of. However, when there are risks unknown to patients, those patients are vulnerable, and believe a procedure is much safer than it might actually be. While many physicians do provide patients with ample information about risks, some physicians may not fully disclose risks the patient should be aware of. When risks are not fully disclosed and patients are harmed in a way that relates to risks they did not know about, those patients should seek to hold the physician or surgeon responsible for those injuries.

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