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Patients Infected by Hepatitis C Recover $34 Million

April 25, 2013

Bringing Legal claims for injuries and adverse medical conditions suffered because of substandard medical care can be complicated, because such claims require specialized knowledge of medicine in terms of the appropriate standard of care and deviations from acceptable medical standards.

These cases also require expert testimony be communicated to a judge or jury in an understandable way.  In addition to these challenges, causation may be a serious issue of contention in many medical malpractice cases, especially where a significant period of time passes between the medical error and the onset of symptoms related to the medical error or omission.

Fortunately, these difficulties can sometimes be offset to some degree by the availability of multiple parties who may be legally responsible for injuries suffered in a medical malpractice lawsuit in Georgia. A recent case from another state in which two patients recovered $24 million in damages after being infected by hepatitis C provides a helpful illustration.

The two patients went in to see the physician for a colonoscopy but were infected with the hepatitis C virus when the doctor used vials of anesthesia on multiple patients and failed to properly sterilize his medical instruments, according to the Bloomberg report. The doctor had engaged in this unsafe practice so regularly that the health department in the state where the lawsuit was filed was forced to notify almost 50,000 past patients of the potential risk of exposure.

While the doctor was liable for the failure to take appropriate measures to prevent infecting his patients, the patients' health insurance company was also found liable for the harm caused to the patients. The jury found that the health insurance company that included the doctor as a provider did not take any steps to evaluate the quality of care provided by the physician despite prior complaints.

The manufacturer of the anesthesia also was the subject of a separate lawsuit. The manufacturer of the anesthesia was found liable because it provided the drug in vials big enough to support use with multiple patients despite the fact it was only intended for single use. Medical facilities like surgical centers can also be liable for these types of injuries when physicians fail to comply with appropriate protocols when performing medical procedures at the facility.

Despite the challenges involved in pursuing a medical malpractice legal claim, when the required legal elements can be established, injury victims and their families can recover the financial compensation they need to cover medical costs and lost income while preserving a high quality of life following an injury from substandard medical care.

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