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New App Designed to Curb Teen Cell Phone Auto Accidents

August 09, 2012

If you are the parent of a teen driver, the issue of text messaging while driving already may have been a subject of discussion between you and your kids. If the subject has not yet come up, it probably should because text messaging while driving is a growing cause of Georgia auto collisions. If your kids are like many that I know, they may seem almost addicted to texting, which can make it difficult to get them to adhere to a no texting while driving policy. Sadly, texting by teens behind the wheel is an increasingly significant danger to teens and young adults as well as other motorist with whom they share the road. Almost half of all teens say that they have been a passenger in a vehicle while another teen driver was texting. Because teen drivers often disregard texting restrictions while driving, a new app offers to take this decision out of their hands by disabling a teen’s cell phone when they are in a motor vehicle.

The Android app called “PhoneGuard” renders a teen’s cell phone virtually useless when they are in a motor vehicle moving faster than ten miles per hour. The app repeatedly pings GPS satellites, which monitor the cell phone’s movements. The app permits the cell phone to accept incoming telephone calls but disables the phone for virtually all other purposes. If a teenager tries to dial out, read, compose or send a text message, a message will appear across the screen indicating “No Texting Vehicle.” If your kids are passengers and wish to use apps on the phone, they can contact you as the administrator to temporarily disable the blocking feature remotely.

With the growing number of teen texting auto collisions in Georgia and throughout the U.S., this new technology offers promise but is not fool proof. Resourceful teens may delete the program and reload it before they get home. However, the password feature may provide a countermeasure to this tactic as long as your teen does not know the password you loaded. Teens may also complain about the heavy toll the app takes on their phone’s battery because of the constant communication between the phone and GPS tracking satellites. It would seem that a car charger is sufficient to address this concern.

We would all like to believe our teenagers abstain from unsafe practices because we have told them to do so, but they are teenagers after all. This program app offers an additional tool to prevent teenagers from distracted driving. Over fifty percent of teenagers admit to talking on a cell phone while driving and almost 35 percent admit to texting while driving. The National Safety Council has indicated that almost thirty percent of all crashes are related to talking or texting on cell phones. Texting is particularly troublesome for teen drivers because data reveals that teens who are texting or talking on a cell phone while driving have reaction times comparable to a driver who is age 70 according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

If you or someone you love suffers serious injury or you lose a loved one in a fatal accident involving a teen driver who is talking on a cell phone or texting while driving, our compassionate and experienced legal team will be happy to speak with you and provide you with a free consultation about your legal rights. Our Atlanta accident attorneys know that financial compensation cannot give you back your health or the love of a family member, but it can help provide the best possible medical care and quality of life and ease the impact of the loss of a family breadwinner.

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