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Faulty Fuel Gauge Results in Recall of Vehicles that Stall: The Danger of Defective Vehicles

May 23, 2011

There has recently been some investigation related to a recall on GM vehicles due to stalling problems. Federal safety investigators for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are looking at the 2005-07 Buick Rainers, 2005-07 Chevy Trailblazers 360s, 2005-06 Trailblazer EXT 370s, 2005-06 GMC Envoy 360s, 2005-06 GMC Envoy XL 370s, and 2005-07 Saab 9-7Xs. There are 865,000 vehicles altogether being investigated.

There have been 669 complaints filed with NHTSA about inaccurate fuel readings from the gauges of the GM vehicles. Of the complaints received, 43 complaints involved drivers whose vehicle stalled on them in the middle of use as a result of low fuel. This presents a huge safety issue as some of the drivers stalled in the middle of busy roadways. One driver stalled on an exit ramp of the freeway and was struck by the car behind her.

It has been a bad year for some car manufacturers. Chrysler has recently recalled the 2009-2010 Dodge Journey, Grand Caravan, and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles due to the fact that the key in the ignition can move from the on position to the engine shut off position while driving. Faulty ignition components were installed in 248,437 Chrysler vehicles. Amongst the 465 warranty claims and 32 customer complaints, two rear-end collisions have occurred due to the problem. The safety recall is beginning in April and the car companies are replacing the faulty components free of charge. This wave of vehicle recalls show how frequently product defects in automobiles can have results that pose a substantial risk of causing serious auto accidents that result in injury or wrongful death.

Car Defects Cause Accidents

The side of the road on a busy Georgia highway is a very dangerous place to be in the event your vehicle suddenly stalls or otherwise breaks down due to a vehicle defect. When a car has faulty components that leave you stranded, this is exactly where a driver may find oneself. Defective equipment in vehicles can cause unsafe vehicle malfunctions that result in serious auto accidents or lead to more serious injuries when collisions occur.

When your vehicle is disabled you are vulnerable to oncoming traffic as soon as you step away from the protection of your vehicle. Two months ago, a woman in California was in her disabled Suzuki vehicle on the freeway after being involved in a single car crash. She was sideswiped by one car when a second car rear-ended her and she was killed. This tragedy occurred even though she remained within the protection of her vehicle.

As soon as you leave your car, you are even more vulnerable to being struck by another vehicle and more likely to suffer catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Earlier this month in Florida, a 15-year-old boy was killed as he was assisting 3 other people in pushing a disabled car off the interstate. People are frequently struck and killed when they choose to exit their vehicle and cross the highway to get help. Generally, this is not a good idea if it can be avoided.

Safety Advice for Drivers in Stalled Vehicles

Stranded drivers should always pull off to the shoulder of the road if they can get their vehicle over there. If a driver is involved in an accident with another driver, vehicle occupants typically are safer within the protection of a vehicle then exposed on the roadway as a pedestrian. You should not stand anywhere near your car if you have to get out of your vehicle. It is a better idea to stand behind something that can protect you like a guardrail. You should put on your flashers and sit inside and wait if it is safe to do so. If you must get out of the vehicle, it is also a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing that makes you more visible to approaching traffic.

Car Companies and Defective Equipment

Car manufacturers are responsible for building their automobiles with parts that work and that are safe. Based on the number of recent recalls by automakers, vehicle manufacturers sometimes fail to live up to this responsibility. If faulty equipment in your vehicle causes a car accident in which you or a loved one is seriously injured or someone close to you suffers wrongful death, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and/or loss.

Faulty equipment and parts often leave vehicles disabled on the side of the road. Accidents involving disabled vehicles can result in serious injury or wrongful death. Product liability lawsuits involving automobile defects can be complex so it is important to obtain legal advice from an experienced Georgia defective automobile attorney.

If you or someone you love is involved in a Georgia car accident related to a defective automobile, our Georgia car accident attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation for damages, such as medical bills, property damage, permanent disabilities, and pain and suffering. Our Atlanta defective automobile attorneys are available to assist clients throughout all of Georgia, including but not limited to Albany, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Dalton, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta, Rome, Roswell, Savannah, Smyrna, Valdosta, Warner Robins and all smaller cities and rural areas in the state. Call us today for your free consultation at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) or visit us on the web at and use our Free Case Evaluation Form or 24-hour Live Online Chat. No matter where you are in Georgia, we are just a phone call away, and we will even come to you.

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