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Recall of Ford F-150 Trucks Emphasizes Danger of Defective Air Bags

March 03, 2011

A driver climbs into his car, which is parked in the driveway, and inserts his key into the ignition when suddenly without warning the air bag deploys. An even scarier scenario may involve you driving down the highway when the air bag suddenly deploys obscuring your vision and causing you to be involved in a serious auto accident. These alarming scenarios have been very real prospects for many drivers of F-150 Ford pickups which have just been recalled because of air bags that inadvertently deploy.

Ford recently recalled 144,000 F-150 trucks from the 2005 and 2006 model years as a result of potentially defective airbags that can deploy without warning. The recall affects both U.S. and Canadian markets. The truck manufacturer indicated it has received reports of 238 cases of inadvertent airbag deployment resulting in 77 people being injured. Ford has indicated that the airbags usually deploy a few seconds after a driver turns the key to start the engine. According to Ford, the faulty airbag deployment could be caused by a manufacturing error that causes a short circuit to occur when the airbag’s wire rubs against a portion of the vehicle’s horn plate metal edge. According to Ford, the inadvertent airbag deployment was proceeded by a warning lamp indicating the truck’s restraint system needed servicing.

Air bags are an important safety component in any truck or car that can reduce the risk of serious injury in a high-speed crash, but when an air bag deploys when it should not deploy, the air bag itself can cause serious injuries or death to a vehicle occupant. Over 4 million cars have been recalled since 1997 because of defective air bags. Serious injuries from defective air bags may result from overly aggressive deployment of an air bag, late deployment or non-deployment.

  • Non-Deployment: An air bag that does not deploy may cause serious head injuries because there is no protection to keep your head from hitting the steering column, dashboard, windshield, or metal frame of the vehicle.
  • Late Deployment: Because air bags deploy with tremendous force, it is imperative that the air bag be fully inflated before any impact between the driver and air bag. Late deployment may mean that the air bag deploys into the vehicle occupant with enough force to cause broken bones, serious head trauma and internal injury.
  • Over-Aggressive Deployment: The air bag may deploy in the absence of a collision or in a low-impact injury when it should not deploy. An air bag that deploys in the absence of a collision may cause injury to the driver or obstruct a driver’s vision and cause an accident. If an air bag deploys in a low-impact collision, the risk of injury from the air bag may be greater than the risk of injury from the impact of the collision itself.

Permanent injuries, such as neck, head, spinal cord and other bodily injuries caused by a defective air bag can turn an individual’s life completely upside down. Medical bills may mount; insurance companies may refuse to deal with you fairly; and you may face the threat of debilitating injuries that require a lifetime of medical treatment and physical therapy. The air bag and automobile manufacturer may be liable under the legal theory of product liability for injuries caused by a defective air bag. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a defective air bag, our defective air bag lawyers can investigate your case and pursue your claim for compensation.

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