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Lawyers for Amazon Delivery Truck and Car Accidents in Georgia

April 02, 2018

Georgia Amazon Delivery Truck and Car Accidents 

Shopping online has become a method of choice for many Georgians who would rather avoid the large crowds and lines of grocery stores, department stores, and other retail establishments.  Amazon, one of the most popular online marketplaces, has grown substantially over the past decade.  Early on, Amazon was primarily a business that sold books, and now the retail giant sells anything from clothing to food items and gadgets.  Whatever a person may want or need, Amazon is likely to have it.  Initially, Amazon, like many other online retailers, utilized UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service to ship goods to customers.  While Amazon still uses these forms of delivery to ship goods, the retail giant has added its own delivery option where Amazon itself delivers goods to customers’ homes.

Who Delivers Goods for Amazon?

Amazon’s ability to have its own delivery system is a positive step forward for the company and customers. However, the influx of delivery vehicles leads to a risk that accidents are going to happen.  Unlike UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service, Amazon delivery drivers may not work directly for Amazon.  Instead, delivery truck drivers may work for a third-party “delivery company” that contracts with Amazon.  As such, delivery drivers may not be considered employees of Amazon, but are either employees of a contracted “delivery company,” or are considered independent contractors who work for themselves.

Many delivery truck drivers who transport goods are professional truck drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”), and therefore, these drivers have the necessary background and training to operate large trucks.  However, because Amazon is a fast-growing company, your everyday driver can now transport goods to customers (so long as the driver has a clean driving record), not unlike Uber or Lyft drivers.  The ability for an everyday driver to work as an independent contractor for Amazon to deliver goods has many positives.  But, when accidents happen that cause catastrophic and fatal injuries, placing blame on a particular party can be very challenging, as it may not be easy to know which party is at fault and should be held responsible for the accident.

What Happens if You Are Involved in an Amazon Delivery Truck or Car Accident?

Amazon delivery truck and car accidents happen for many of the same reasons as any other car accident.  Distraction, driving under the influence, running a red light, speeding, and other traffic violations can all contribute to Amazon delivery truck and car accidents.  However, many Amazon drivers without significant experience transporting goods may have difficulty trying to navigate a delivery route and may be more focused on finding the right address instead of paying attention to other traffic.  As such, it is not surprising to see Amazon delivery truck and car accidents throughout Atlanta and other heavily populated areas in Georgia.

If you sustain injuries in an Amazon delivery truck or car accident, the situation may be treated similar to any other motor vehicle accident, and insurance information will be exchanged.  However, because multiple parties may be involved in the accident, more than one party may be to blame for the cause of the accident.  If a third-party delivery company is involved, that company could potentially be named in a lawsuit.  If the Amazon delivery driver is a self-employed contractor, and he or she is at fault for causing the accident, this injured person may not be able to blame any other party.  A delivery driver typically has to be considered an employee to hold the employer responsible, whether the employer is a third-party delivery company or the employer is Amazon. 

Whether Amazon itself should be held responsible for causing a truck or car accident is a matter that should be discussed with a qualified Atlanta Trucking and Car Accident Attorney. The company’s foray into the courier market presents complications in the law, as Lyft and Uber did when they became popular. However, what is important in an accident involving an Amazon delivery driver is the driver’s relationship with Amazon. The aftermath of a debilitating trucking or car accident can be devastating, and individuals who have sustained injuries should not fight alone when working with insurance companies and seeking to receive compensation for their suffering.

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