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The Role of an Expert Witness in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Georgia

December 28, 2017

The Role of an Expert Witness in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Georgia

Expert witnesses can be used in numerous types of personal injury and medical negligence cases, including auto accident cases. Whether or not the case goes to trial, a personal injury attorney may decide that using an expert witness is necessary to protect their client's rights. Many accident victims are unaware of the significance of the expert witness’ role in some complex motor vehicle accident claims. For example, if the insurance company of the "at-fault" driver is denying fault for the accident, an expert witness may be needed to analyze the accident scene and demonstrate the negligent action of the other driver. 

In one motor vehicle accident case, there can be numerous people involved.  There are lawyers (on both sides of the case), an accident victim or victims, at least one at fault driver, witnesses, police officers, medical professionals, accident reconstruction experts, and numerous other possibilities.  Not all accident cases require the assistance of an accident scene investigator or an expert witness to prove negligence.  

However, In some situations, an expert witness may help a jury better understand:

  • How the accident occurred.
    How the accident could have been prevented.
  • Who was at-fault for the accident.
    How negligent was the "at-fault" driver.
    How your injuries were sustained in the accident.
  • What the prognosis is of your injuries.

An expert witness is used to explain certain theories in a case that the attorneys and she witnesses cannot.  For example, an accident reconstruction expert may explain how studying the tire marks that were left at the scene of an accident can show what point a vehicle applied the brakes before hitting another car.  A medical expert may explain how a victim’s injuries from a motor vehicle accident manifested over time, instead of presenting themselves shortly after the accident occurred.

How Do Attorneys Find a Credible, Qualified Expert Witness?

When an attorney makes the determination that the use of an expert witness is warranted, an accomplished attorney will find and retain an expert witness who is fair, unbiased and highly credible.  The credibility of an expert witness can be an essential part of prosecuting complicated injury cases. Therefore, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be certain to find an expert witness who is highly educated, qualified and credible.  

The Expert Witness' Report

During the case, the expert may prepare a report of his or her findings and opinions that are presented to the opposing party.  Often, when an opposing party reads an expert report, he or she may become more willing to settle the claim.  The opposing party often understands that the material in the expert report will be the content of the expert’s testimony in a trial.  When an expert report is especially convincing, opposing parties understand that a jury may be swayed by the expert’s statements in court.  This helps your attorney in pre-trial negotiations, which could result in a settlement offer.

How Are Experts Compensated?

Expert witnesses are paid on an hourly basis regardless of their findings.  Expert witnesses are also paid for their travel time, travel expenses, time spent reviewing your case, drafting a report, and testifying in court hearings and at depositions.  Depending on the expert’s qualifications, the expert’s bill may be several thousand dollars, although our firm advances these costs on our clients’ behalf and only recoup them if we can obtain a monetary recovery in their cases.  An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will determine whether or not your case needs an expert witness.  

Expert witnesses can also be beneficial when there are complex issues in the case that a layperson may not be able to easily understand.  This is often the case with certain medical conditions and injuries.  In motor vehicle accident claims, it may also involve aspects of physics and engineering as the parties argue as to how the accident occurred.

Do I Need an Expert Witnesses for My Case?

Probably not. In most accident and injury cases, the use of an expert witness is unnecessary because of the evidence that you and your attorney have collected.  Evidence such as your accident scene photos, police reports, body shop photos, and medical bills paint a clear picture of who was at fault and what damages you sustained as a result of the accident.  Your experienced personal injury attorney is there to provide you with the best legal advice concerning your case.  If your case doesn't require the use of an expert witness, your attorney should advise you of this.

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