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The Importance of Tire Maintenance to Help Avoid Having a Deadly Accident

July 26, 2017

When blowouts occur because tires are inadequately maintained, defectively manufactured or expected to travel an excessive number of miles, the consequences can be fatal collisions. The risk is especially serious when large vehicles, such as fully loaded tractor-trailers, SUVs and buses, are involved in a crash. A fatal tire blowout accident occurring this month provides a tragic example of this danger.

According to The Brownsville Herald, a tragic accident occurred when a small SUV had sustained a tire blowout causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle, depart his lane and then crash head-on with an 18-wheeler that was traveling in the opposite direction. The tragic collision between the small SUV and the 18-wheeler claimed the life of one person. The driver of the small SUV was rushed to the nearest emergency medical facility where he later passed away due to his fatal injuries. The passenger of the small SUV and the tractor-trailer truck driver received medical treatment and fortunately survived the head-on collision. 

The accident is currently under investigation by law enforcement authorities who have indicated that they are assigned the cause of the accident to a  tire blowout. While these types of crashes are unforeseeable accidents,  tire blowout accidents are commonly caused by:

  • • Failure to inspect tires for tread wear or proper tire pressure
    • Traveling on tires that have dry rot or sun damage
    • Inexperienced bus drivers that lack proper experience or training
    • Improper manufacturing or design of the tires that includes improper tread bonding
    • Vehicles that are overloaded causing them to be top heavy

While the precise cause of this tire blowout accident is unknown, blowout accidents involving church groups, sports teams, senior citizens and similar groups are common when traveling in heavy loaded vehicles, including nine-passenger fifteen-passenger vans. These vans are prone to rollover if a tire blows out because of the seating configuration which makes the vehicle top heavy and can result in excessive weight behind the rear axle so that inertia forces the rear of the vehicle to move forward and swing to the side. This movement can cause a passenger van to rollover.

Whether you are traveling in a passenger van, SUV, lifted truck or other type of vehicle with a high center of gravity, the risk of a rollover accident makes tire maintenance a critical issue. Rollover accidents are especially dangerous because the risk of fatal injury is much higher than in an average collision. The federal government website reports that although only slightly over two percent of all collisions are rollover accidents, this type of collision accounts for more than a third of all traffic fatalities in passenger vehicle collisions.

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