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Roof Crush Injuries After a Rollover Accident

March 02, 2017

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that more than 10,000 people die each year as a result of a rollover crash, and further conclude that a large percentage of these deaths could have been prevented if the roofs of the vehicles had been made stronger. When a car rolls during an accident, the roof of the vehicle can strike the ground, crushing vehicle occupants. Obviously, stronger roofs are less vulnerable to roof crush, which also greatly reduces the risk of the driver and passengers being killed or severely injured in rollover crashes. A vehicle roof which crushes easily can also lead to doors breaking or opening and windows and windshields breaking, meaning people have a higher chance of being ejected from the vehicle in such cases.

Some four decades ago the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards required vehicle roofs to withstand a force at least 1.5 times that of the weight of the vehicle, in vehicles up to 6,000 pounds. Unfortunately, many SUVs and pickup trucks are substantially heavier than this weight, and are exempt from these crucial safety standards. 2005 found the government proposing that larger vehicles fall under the safety standards and that all passenger vehicles be required to withstand a force of at least 2.5 times that of their weight. This rule has not yet been adopted, and many believe it is still too low a standard to protect passengers in the event of a rollover accident.

Injuries Which Result From Roof Crush

Poorly designed or manufactured vehicle roof cause as many as 600 deaths and 900 injuries each and every year in the United States. The resulting injuries of a roof crush are usually very serious or even catastrophic, and can include the following: serious fractures, traumatic brain injury, severe head and neck injuries, paralysis and spinal cord injury. Any of these injuries can require hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and months or even years of rehabilitation. In many cases the injured person will never return to their previous way of life and will suffer from severe physical limitations, pain or total disability for the rest of their life.

SUVs and Rollover Accidents

Compared to typical passenger cars, SUVs are much more prone to rollover accidents because their center of gravity is much less stable. In fact, SUVs and pickup trucks are twice as likely to be involved in a rollover accident than a passenger car. Federal safety standards are urging manufacturers of SUVs to incorporate stronger middle sections in the roof area as well as a strengthened safety cage to protect occupants in the event of a rollover accident. Of course seatbelts should always be worn by occupants to hold them in place should a rollover occur.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Injuries

In many cases, vehicle manufacturers can be held liable for these injuries if the vehicle in question had a defect or was built with a substandard roof. The victim in a roof crush rollover accident is not required to prove negligence, but only to show proof that a component of their vehicle was clearly defective. If you've been injured in a roof crush accident, you should consult with a reputable attorney who specializes in injuries that result from roof crush rollover accidents. The roof of your vehicle should maintain its integrity during the rollover, with the support bars remaining intact, preventing the roof from caving in. If your vehicle's roof did crush during your rollover accident, there was likely a design or manufacturing defect. Roof crush injuries require extensive legal knowledge, expertise and training, so if you or a loved one was injured as a result of rollover roof crush, contact an attorney immediately to learn about your legal rights as well as what steps are necessary to protect your rights.


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