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Common Myths about Child Safety Restraint Systems

February 22, 2017

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys Dispel Common Myths about Child Safety Restraint Systems

While a properly fitted and installed car seat can be a valuable way to make a child safe during a collision, a staggering 80 percent or more of car seats are improperly installed according to the American Association of Pediatrics. When car seats are not properly installed, the life-saving benefits of a child safety restraint system are compromised. Our Atlanta auto accident attorneys recognize there are several reasons that child safety restraints are used incorrectly. The reasons range from a lack of compatibility to unclear instructions. Since car seats often are used in a way to maximize their benefits, our law firm has provided this blog to dispel some common car seat myths.

Myth #1 Once a car seat has been installed you never need to reinstall the restraint system.

The way a car seat is used must be changed as your child grows. Different guidelines apply regarding placement in the front seat as opposed to the back seat or forward facing and rear facing. The straps might need to be adjusted to ensure a proper fit. The back of the car seat also might need to be raised as your child's height and weight change. Once your child and the child safety restraint system reach 65 pounds, parents need to switch from the LATCH system to a seat belt. Since it can be difficult to keep track of when to make these adjustments, parents might want to visit a fitting station every six months.

Myth #2 Use of the latch system is always the best alternative.

The LATCH system is intended to provide an easy installation, but the convenience of simple installation is not the only consideration when selecting a car seat. The best installation method will firmly secure the car seat in place. When parents install a car seat, they should check the fit to confirm it does not move either front to back or side to side more than an inch in any direction. The LATCH system can fail when the combined weight of a child and child safety restraint exceeds 65 pounds. Parents need to be aware of these issues when deciding between a seat belt or the LATCH system when installing a car seat.

Myth #3 A child safety restraint system can provide a safe cost-savings option.

There are several reasons that parents should not rely on a used car seat, especially since they lack a thorough knowledge of the device's history. If the car seat has been involved in a collision, parents should regard it as unsafe to continue using the safety restraint system. Certain forms of misuse by the prior owner can compromise the materials that make up the car seat. For example, the straps might be prone to fail if they have been cleaned in a washing machine. Car seats with an earlier manufacturing date might not comply with the latest safety standards or might have expired so that their safety is undermined.

Myth #4 The car seat should be installed by a trained technician at a designated location.

As reasonable as this statement sounds, this claim is a half-truth. While a trained technician can check the fit and ensure the car seat is installed correctly, you should have the technician teach you how to install the car seat. Most car seats are moved between vehicles, so it is important for parents to know how to install car seats properly without the technician.

These attempts to debunk myths about car seats come from various websites, so people can disagree about the best practices. Parents should carefully research car seats and read the instructions that come with their car seat. We recommend all parents seek assistance from a car seat installation location should they have any questions. 

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