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Steps To Take After a Hit-and-Run Crash in Georgia

February 13, 2017

Hit-and-Run Crashes Can Affect Anyone

Even Hollywood celebrities are not immune from the trauma and harm that can result from a hit-and-run accident. Earlier this month, a driver struck a vehicle in which celebrity Chrissy Teigen was riding as a passenger, according to US Weekly. The driver is then alleged to have fled the scene of the accident. Teigen was fortunately not injured and a suspect was later arrested on suspicion of having caused the hit-and-run crash.

Unfortunately, any individual – whether a celebrity or not – can become the victim of a hit-and-run crash. The perpetrators of these collisions are not always caught as swiftly as in Ms. Teigen's case. In fact, sometimes the perpetrators are not caught at all. This can make it difficult for injured motorists and passengers to obtain the financial compensation they need to fully address their losses and expenses.

Steps to Take Following a Hit-and-Run Collision

Your actions in the moments following a hit-and-run crash can have a significant impact on whether the at-fault motorist will be identified. If the at-fault motorist is not found, then it may fall to your insurance company – or even you personally – to handle your medical bills and other expenses. To help avoid this outcome, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Reporting the incident to law enforcement as soon as possible: Once you summon medical assistance (if necessary), make a report with your local law enforcement agency. The sooner that law enforcement officers are notified of the hit-and-run, the better the odds are that law enforcement officers will be able to locate the vehicle and identify the driver.
  • Give a detailed statement to law enforcement: In giving your statement to law enforcement officers, provide them with as much information about the other vehicle and driver as possible. The make, model, and/or color of the car, a partial or complete license plate number, the location of damage to the other car, and/or a physical description of the driver can all be useful in attempting to locate the driver responsible for the hit-and-run;
  • Write down your own recollection of the incident: You may need to refresh your own memory about the incident at some point after the hit-and-run crash, and the police report may not be readily available. For this reason, you should also write down a detailed account of the hit-and-run accident, including as many details as you can recall about the car that struck you and/or its driver. After you have written these notes, keep this writing in a safe place so that it can be retrieved as necessary.

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