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Georgia personal injury lawyers discuss causes of car crashes giving rise to liability

September 02, 2016

The range of causes that contribute to serious motor vehicle collisions consist of many categories, such as negligent driving, poor vehicle maintenance, defective components/systems, dangerous roadways, and more. However, certain factors constitute more common causes of serious traffic accidents. When a motorist understands the types of unsafe conduct that contribute to crashes, motorists are better prepared to exercise caution and prudence to mitigate the risk of serious injury or wrongful death. This blog article provides information on causes that often are asserted as a form of negligent conduct in personal injury lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents.

Inattentive Driving: Talking and texting on cell phones constitutes the driving distraction that gets the most attention. However, there are many other types of driver inattention that cause crashes, ranging from other electronic distractions such as internet browsing or posting on a social media site to disciplining children in the back seat. Electronic distractions have dominated the attention of lawmakers, the media, and traffic safety experts because of the sharp rise in the number of drivers who admit to engaging in this unsafe driving behavior. This form of negligent driving constitutes a mental, cognitive, and visual distraction. Traditional distractions such as grooming, adjusting the car radio, reaching for an object, eating, or rubbernecking can be even more harmful to victims of negligence than distraction caused by the use of a cell phone because this conduct can be more difficult to prove.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol: Although drunk driving gets most of the attention, collisions caused by prescription drugs have risen in recent years. Substance-impaired driving impacts the lives of many Georgia families. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), someone tragically dies in a drunk driving crash every 53 minutes, and someone is injured every two minutes. Although many people assume that the devastating consequences of alcohol or drug impaired driving only impact other families, two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident during his or her lifetime according to the NHTSA.

Following Too Close (Tailgating): When motorists do not observe a safe following distance, the probability of a collision rises sharply. Tailgating drivers often have insufficient time to react to road hazards, an interruption in the flow of traffic, or other obstacles. Whether a driver needs to swerve or stop to avoid a collision, a motorist's ability to execute evasive driving maneuvers depends on the amount of time a driver has to react. Many motorists are familiar with the rule of thumb referred to as the two-second rule (or three-second rule), but they do not understand that this following distance is predicated on optimal weather and road conditions.

Unsafe Speed: Like tailgating, traveling too fast reduces a motorist's reaction time. Excessive speed poses a dual threat because it impacts both the probability that a traffic collision will occur as well as the severity of the injury. Although driving at an unsafe speed often involves exceeding the maximum posted speed limit, slower speeds also can constitute an unreasonable risk. Drivers should never travel faster than is safe given circumstances of the road, weather, and traffic conditions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a third of all fatal crashes are speed related.

These forms of careless or inattentive driving constitute some of the most common forms of negligent conduct in personal injury lawsuits arising out of motor vehicle crashes. Motorists who observe other drivers engaged in these unsafe driving practices should keep a safe distance and exercise caution.

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