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New App Aims to Curb Distracted Driving

July 19, 2016

For one California woman, a distracted driving accident changed her life forever—and now she is trying to prevent others from experiencing her devastation. Her husband, an entertainment attorney, was cycling when, tragically, he was fatally struck by a patrol car driven by a Sherriff's deputy who was using his in-car computer. Trying to make sense of her loss, the attorney's widow created a nonprofit foundation that is now launching its first smartphone app intended to tackle the epidemic of distracted driving accidents. The app is called #HandsOff, and it is completely free. Drivers can earn points when they use the app to go towards prizes, such as gift cards and concert tickets. With the app downloaded, users must simply push the #HandsOff button when they get in the car, which will cause a timer screen to pop up with a hand symbol reminding you not to use your phone. Users can also take short videos of themselves taking the pledge not to drive distracted and send them to their friends.

The response to the app has thus far been overwhelmingly positive. Several actors and singers have downloaded the app and shared their #HandsOff pledge. The app is attracting many younger users through its celebrity base but the creators of the app also want to reach a broader segment of the population as people of all ages can struggle with distracted driving. Many have praised the use of positive reinforcement that encourages drivers to do the right thing. App users will be entered to win a wide array of prizes, including Go Pro cameras, Fitbit wristbands, and much more.

Can Technology Provide the Key to Ending Distracted Driving?

Smartphones are a tremendous cause of distracted driving accidents. While distracted driving encompasses a wide variety of dangerous behaviors, cell phones have added a new dimension to distracted driving in recent years. Now, ironically, many believe that smartphones and related technology can provide an answer to combating distracted driving. The #HandsOff app is just one of several aimed at encouraging drivers to pay attention to the road. Other apps will actually disable your phone while you are driving. If these apps can capture mass appeal and raise awareness to the cause of ending distracted driving, they could potentially save thousands of lives.

It can be hard to determine whether a driver that hits you is distracted. At times, however, you may witness signs of driver distraction, such as the driver looking down or taking a hand off the wheel. Other times, distraction is only detected by looking into the driver's cell phone records. If you have been injured in an accident and think it was related to distracted driving or any other type of negligence, you should call the car accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, as soon as possible. Our dedicated attorneys offer a free consultation during which we will review the facts of your potential case and advise you on your legal rights as well as what steps are necessary to protect those rights.

Put Our Law Firm's Over 39 Years of Legal Experience to Work For Your Auto Accident Case!

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, contact the Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law. For over 39 years, our firm has assisted thousands of individuals injured in car accidents across Georgia. We offer compassionate, individualized representation and strive to achieve the best legal outcome for our clients within the bounds of the law. We offer you a free case review to explain your legal rights and the actions necessary to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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