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Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Summer Driving Dangers in Georgia

June 30, 2016

Car accidents nationwide will peak in the summer months. Georgia, home to numerous beaches, parks, and other attractions, will welcome thousands of tourists this summer. With kids out of school, tourism on the rise, and more families traveling, the number of cars on the roadways is likely to increase tremendously during the summer months. Increased traffic is far from the only summer hazard, however. The following is a look at some summer driving dangers that you should be aware of to help you stay safe over the next few months:

  1. Construction: Summer is a popular time for road construction. You may have noticed this already driving around town or hitting the highway. You need to use extra precaution when driving near construction areas, as they can lead to sudden stops or slowdowns. You can protect yourself and construction workers by slowing down and focusing on the road.
  2. Tire Blowouts: Heat causes the air within your tires to expand, and this can lead to tire blowouts if your tires are worn or damaged. Check your tire pressure and tread often during the summer months and consider having a mechanic look over any tires that concern you.
  3. Farm equipment: For more rural parts of the state, summer means that tractors and other farm equipment may be on the roadways. Keep your distance from tractors and use caution if you elect to pass these large vehicles as you cannot always see safely around them.
  4. Glare: Summertime in Georgia is synonymous with the sunshine. Sun glare can reduce visibility and lead to accidents. To combat glare, keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle and also keep windshields clean.
  5. Teen drivers: Summertime is referred to as the "100 Deadliest Days" by AAA for teens. Teen drivers will hit the roadways in force during the summer months, and this leads to an uptick in accidents. If you have a teen, ensure he or she is ready for the road through supervision and driver's education courses. All drivers should be aware of the possibility of inexperienced teen drivers on the roads and use caution accordingly.
  6. Overheating: Overheating is a serious issue not only for you but your car as well. Ensure that you are well hydrated and cool off as needed. An overheated driver may become disoriented and could cause accidents. Similarly, check to see that your engine has all the necessary coolants and fluids. If it shows signs of overheating, safely pull over to allow it to cool down.
  7. Tourists: Tourists are unfamiliar with the area and could make dangerous driving mistakes. Keep an eye out for people making sudden stops or driving slowly. These are likely tourists, and you should maintain a safe following distance to help prevent accidents.

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