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Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Fatal Accident Where Young Girl Was Not Wearing Seatbelt

July 04, 2016

A recent accident near the Florida-Georgia border has reminded us that seatbelts save lives. Any accident involving serious injury or death is tragic, but when an accident results in the death of a child, the agony can be even worse, especially for the child's parents and siblings. A family of seven is coping with the tragic loss of their 12-year-old daughter after being involved in an accident where everyone in the family's vehicle was wearing a seatbelt or was in a child restraint, except for the young girl. The family's Chevrolet Suburban was struck by a Toyota Corolla that had veered off the inside shoulder of a highway. After the Corolla struck the Suburban, the SUV flipped and hit a guardrail. The young girl was ejected from the vehicle during the horrifying collision and subsequently lost her life.

Could a Seatbelt Have Saved the Young Girl?

It is unclear why the Corolla veered off the roadway and later struck the Suburban.  However, many people might be asking whether or not the young girl would be alive today if she had been wearing her seatbelt. Given that all other occupants of the Corolla and Suburban had buckled up and did not suffer serious injuries, it is possible that the girl would have survived had she done so.

Whatever the reason may be for why the young girl was not wearing her seatbelt, the fact remains that the driver of the Corolla was likely at fault for the accident. Sometimes, it takes a complete and thorough evaluation of any accident to determine whether or not it was a preventable one, as well as who is to blame.

In some situations, it is possible for more than one person to be at fault for another person's injuries or death as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  However, conclusions about a motor vehicle accident cannot necessarily be reached immediately following the collision.  In fact, the full story may not be uncovered until after an attorney has reviewed the facts and circumstances of the situation. 

No matter how many times we hear that we should wear our seatbelts, there will always be situations like what happened to the poor girl that remind us how important it is to buckle up in the car. The consequences of a motor vehicle collision can be deadly, and this one is just one example of how a young life sadly ended in the blink of an eye.  

If you have been involved in an accident and believe someone else may be at fault for your injuries, you should consider speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys at Montlick & Associates can examine what happened in your accident and advise on what steps are necessary in order for you to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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