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How the Hot Weather Can Contribute to Tire Failure Accidents

June 26, 2016

There are numerous causes of tire failure that have claimed the lives of many Georgia citizens over the years. Some causes of tire failure include, but are not limited to, tread separation, tire blowouts, improper maintenance, driving with old or worn tires, improper tire installation, and weather. As the summer months heat up, the weather is likely to play a role in tire failures that can result in motor vehicle accidents. Tire blowouts have been known to occur when exposed to excessive heat. Georgia will certainly see some hot days this summer, so it is important for all motorists to keep an eye on their tires.

Why Does Heat Play a Role in Tire Failures?

A large number of tire-related accidents occur in the summer months when tires tend to be underinflated. The lack of adequate tire pressure can contribute to tire blowouts as roads are hotter, and tires softer. Tire blowouts have proven to be a cause of many catastrophic accidents that have resulted in fatal injuries. Tires are more susceptible to blowouts when they are underinflated, and if drivers are not monitoring their tires on a regular basis, especially in the hot months, there may be a greater risk of tire failure, and therefore, a greater risk of motor vehicle accidents.

What Can I Do to Prevent Tire Failure in the Summer Months?

There are a variety of steps drivers can take to ensure their car's tires are up to par on the streets and highways this summer in Georgia. First and foremost, keeping an eye on your tires is essential. Checking the tire pressure every month can keep your tires in working order so that underinflated tires do not contribute to potential tire failure. Drivers should also have their tires inspected by a professional to make sure that the tires are not too worn, as old tires can be just as dangerous as having underinflated tires.

While the summer months can be more stressful on tires, taking preventative measures all year round helps to ensure you are taking all steps possible to protect your tires and yourself. You will also know when the time comes to get new tires, as an inspection will reveal the current wear on your tires and how much longer your tires are expected to last. Without proper inspection, many drivers continue to operate their vehicles on worn and unsafe tires, which places both themselves and others at risk for serious injury or death if an accident occurs.

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Tire failure continues to be a common cause of car accidents all across Georgia and the entire United States. Weather can certainly be a factor, and high temperatures are no exception. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving tire failure, it is important that you understand what your options are and what may have been the cause of the accident. Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, has been handling auto accident cases for over thirty years and strives to ensure that each client is receiving the best legal representation possible. If you would like to speak with one of our highly skilled Georgia Car Accident Lawyers, contact Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law today by calling (800) LAW-NEED (529-6333) to schedule your free consultation. You may also visit us online at to complete a Free Case Evaluation Form, and you may also participate in a 24-hour Live Online Chat.


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